1 easy way to speed up your magazine or news site

A slow website is a problem for all publishers.

There are 3 main issues here

  1. It’s a loss of revenue. Most people are too impatient to wait around for a slow website to load
  2. A slow website looks less professional and
  3. If you’re making your website download more files, your hosting fees will eventually go up

So what’s the solution?

tinypngSqueezing down your photo and image file sizes is something that you need to add to your workflow.

There are 2 file types that you are most likely working with: one is JPEG, and the 2nd is PNG. JPEG does a good job all by itself compressing the file so when you upload a file to your WordPress site as a JPEG it’s probably already optimized. When you export a JPEG from your image program it will automatically compress your image file.

Working with PNG’s is a different story. PNG’s are larger files and generally of higher quality, and also have the benefit of transparency, which means you can overlay a PNG on another image and the other image will show through which makes for great graphics. Anytime you take a screenshot you will get a PNG file as well.

So what should you do to squeeze a PNG file?

The solution is a website called TinyPNG.com All you have to do is:

  1. go to TinyPNG.com
  2. drag your PNG file into the Drop box
  3. and voilà the file is compressed and is ready for download to your computer.

I find that my file sizes for all my images shrink between 50% an 80% in size. It’s amazing and my images load a lot faster.

So go try it, it’s free, and you have nothing to lose (and drop them a couple of bucks for their effort).



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