Do you have 15 revenue streams for your magazine?

Screen-shot-2012-03-27-at-11.00.28-AMA successful Australian publisher reveals that they have no less than 15 different revenue sources for their publications. Amazing, and yes this is what you have to do today to succeed online.

If you think about your readership and their interests you might well come to the conclusion that you have a community that could benefit (and pay) for the content they would share amongst themselves.

The question I pose to you the magazine publisher is:

Does your readership want to interact with each other?

If the answer is yes then you need to get to work giving them not only your great content but also a great and private way to share with each other. That’s called value for your reader. And we pay for value.

Check out an excerpt from the original article on how this publisher does it:


… when we compare audiences for and in their respective markets, the Australian news sites has roughly three times the penetration of the NY Times. And if we compare advertising market shares: the SMH is doing twice as well as the NY Times.

And its impressive financial performance is based on multiple revenue streams.

FD had no less than 15 revenues streams: advertising, subscription, commission on auctions, paid by the transformation of a contact, listings, e-commerce, mobile fees, etc. In New Zealand alone, FD’s classifieds and auction site TradeMe serves 70% of all the country’s web pages.


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