73% of Publishers offer Native Advertising

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is like the old advertorial… it’s publishing an article that is really an advertisement. The ad is native to your stream of articles or blog posts.

Why is this so popular now?

Banner ads have been proven not to work because they live on the top/side/bottom of your site, may interrupt/irritate your reading experience, or become invisible/filtered out by your brain.

Articles that are ads are always in your reading flow, which means whether you are reading a publication online, using RSS, Flipboard on the iPad, or any other article gathering software, you will always see the native ad.

Make sure you are transparent with your advertising

If you’re going to publish advertisements as articles you need to use cues that are obvious to the reader that says that that your article is sponsored content. Typical ways of handling this is through using different background colors and text/or icon that says “ad” or “sponsored”. Here is Quartz’s approach to clearly indicating that an article is really sponsored.

native ad ques2

Value to your advertisers

Advertisers will pay a premium to have a native added your publication because it’s hard to ignore. Editorial related ads get read.

If you haven’t explored native advertising it’s time to take a look at it. It will very likely become your most expensive ad placement.

Here is a great article on the state of native advertising (from the TheGuardian.com)

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