76% of readers will abandon your publication on their phone

These people won’t even bother trying to use a non-optimized site, or will turn to a competitor instead (article from Venture Beat)

Stretch goal: Make your site perform like this on mobile
Stretch goal: Make your site perform like this on mobile

You need to run and make sure your publication is mobile optimized… now. Another shocker as of December: Mobile browsers now make up 20% of all internet traffic. And to top it off: 60% of smartphone use is at home.

So how does this play out for your publication?

Hopefully you are not delivering the following user experience:

  1. Reader searches Google for information or links to an article in your e-magazine
  2. Article looks teeny tiny on a smartphone, or article requires an app to read, or article is a flip book style (Flash based) and cannot be read at all on a mobile device
  3. Reader goes away and finds a mobile friendly competitor to read

So what’s the solution?

A web based publication (WordPress) that is mobile responsive.

That’s what you need. Luckily today it’s not so hard to pull this off… in fact there are 1000’s of pre-made designs (WordPress themes) that are mobile optimized and ready to deliver your publication. Here are 50 of our favorites that you can buy for next to nothing.

The last straw: Google will rank your articles higher in search if your site is mobile optimized. That means more visitors to your online publication.

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