Apps sync with WordPress for true 1 click issue publishing (yes issue publishing!)

LPT-AppIconThe American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today (LPT) needed to get in front of it’s audience of attorneys by providing convenient apps for a better reading experience… and doing so without creating any extra workload.

The problem up till now was that producing apps to go along with a publication was time consuming, exhausting, and expensive.

With the advent of WordPress and a new publishing platform called UniPress, LPT could finally push a new issue onto the web and into their apps in 1 click.

Here is how the digital magazine, Law Practice Today did it (with a little bit of its digital history).


This is the legacy website form at (pre – WordPress makeover)

The American Bar Association (ABA) has published the LPT digital magazine [what they call their ‘webzine’] for 10 years. Starting out 10 years ago as an ‘addition’ to its printed magazine, the webzine has morphed from the ‘supplement’ to the printed magazine into the heart of the magazine with great original content. During the last two years they have taken considerable effort to create a monthly magazine that reaches almost all members of the ABA – over 400,000  [source, podcast: ABA Law Practice Division: Micah Buchdahl on the Law Practice Today Webzine]. With the evolution of on-line content becoming more and more vital, they realized that this digital effort will be one of the most important vehicles to cross promote the Law Practice Divisions programs, books and conferences.

2014: Redesigned and updated LPT digital magazine with WordPress platform, with social sharing, organized by issue.

LawPracticeToday-Oct2014Starting in 2014, issues were published with the IssueM WordPress plugin – on their own URL making it easy for the reader to search all articles and move around from issue to issue. Pre-2014 articles reside on the American Bar website and in a basic PDF format. This pre-2014 archive of articles is not categorized and was not easy to discover, read or manage. IssueM changed this for the better.

Understanding the value of digital publishing, they took the leap as the first digital publisher to use the UniPress app platform to publish its monthly issues of LPT on the Apple and Google stores.

In the past, subscribers received monthly ‘issues’ via email.

2015: Introduced the magazine’s App in both Apple and Google stores.

lptgif5Readers can now install the free LPT App to enjoy all of the articles (organized by issue) on their mobile device. When a new issue is published the app icon displays the #1 to inform it’s readers a new issue is available.

LPT can also reach readers with push notifications sent right from their WordPress dashboard.

LPT makes it easy to share articles (Facebook, twitter and via email). Each article shared in the app shares the corresponding web url so anyone can read the article… no app required.

Because the apps run off the WordPress site, Google and other search engines can properly index the site so all their articles rank higher in reader’s search results.


  1. WordPress
  2. IssueM [issue management plugin]
  3. UniPress [WordPress app integration]


If you are interested in 1 click web and app publishing for your issues… take a look at UniPress.

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