Austin Songwriter – How to use simple yet visually powerful subscription cues

Prompting your readers to subscribe is important… but you don’t need to resort to brute force popups and flashing neon to encourage your visitors to join up. A metered paywall gets you half of the way there by offering a taste of your content for free… but then what? How do you set up your site to elegantly encourage your readers to pay for access?

Let’s take a closer look at how Austin Songwriter elegantly promotes their paid subscriptions.

1. Home page

  • The login button pops visually but is subtle enough to not bother. It implies exclusivity or “subscribers only.”
  • Note the callout link to learn why you should subscribe
  • Free offer: You can join their “fan club” and be in the know for free


2. Why you should subscribe page

Consider creating a “why you should subscribe” page that promotes the exclusive content you provide. Your potential subscribers want to know what they will get. This is the time to not be shy and promote all the benefits to joining.


3. Last article warning

After a reading few free articles you are warned of your last one. Note the callout in the sidebar to subscribe.


4. Time to subscribe prompt

Once the free article meter is used up the reader has to subscribe to continue reading.


5. Subscription page

Give your readers 1 – 3 simple subscription options. Keep it clean. A confused reader does not buy.


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One true source for honest-to-goodness music crafted by honest-to-goodness artists

Source: Austin Songwriter – One true source for honest-to-goodness music crafted by honest-to-goodness artists

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