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Sometimes it’s not so apparent how to monetize the site with advertising without sacrificing the look and feel of your design. If your team is picky with design and looking for additional monetization options, it’s time to take a look at Padsquad’s offerings.

IMG_2245_PNGYour publication will be viewed on mobile devices of various sizes. Ads on these devices can work better. This is where the Padsquad mobile technology comes in.

If you’ve never heard of them, in a nutshell, Padsquad takes your mobile digital publication, develops it into a great user experience, and serves up ads with thorough styling that won’t be jarring to readers. Padsquad works directly with large advertisers nationwide and places them on your mobile site. This is especially helpful if your site is only available via a browser and not developed as an App yet.

According to Dan Meehan, CEO at Padsquad: “Our software is integrated with digital content publishers (mid and long tail) to create mobile optimized experiences for their audiences who use mobile devices to access their content on the web. We literally power the mobile user experience, data and monetization exclusively across hundreds of publishers.”

IMG_2246_PNGThe best part of Padsquad is that it integrates seamlessly with our IssueM (issue management) and Leaky Paywall (metered paywall) systems on mobile devices. This way you not only generate income via subscriptions, but also via Padsquad’s advertising program.

Padquad does all the work to set up the mobile site, with effort in styling, and then sets up the ad network. Padsquad’s automated ad network provides the ads and takes a % of the payment from the advertisers. The rest goes to you.

See for yourself how well the ads integrate onto a variety of mobile platforms in their demo.

An example of a medium-sized digital publication site that utilizes Padsquad’s mobile technology integrated with Leaky Paywall’s subscription set up is the Genesee Sun news from western New York.  The Genesee Sun has a variety of advertising revenue streams, subscriptions, and now Padsquad.

If you visit the site on your mobile device, you’ll notice that the mobile experience is clean and easy to navigate.

If you have a digital publication up and running and you want a the best user experience possible on a mobile device –  or if you’re just starting out online, it won’t hurt to check out what Padsquad can do for your bottom line.

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