What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a hot new term in the world of marketing. And, as it is when anything new and potentially revolutionary comes along, confusion and fear about this new 12-headed-beast run rampant. I’ve heard some bewildering arguments against content marketing that were based on little more than fear and some yeah-well-my-second-cousin-the-web-geek-told-me-that-xyz reactionary belligerence. One […]

Using “Twitter Links” to Improve Your Social Media Tracking Efforts

Twitter—the wildly popular “micro-blogging” service—is making a giant impact on the internet, and joining the ranks of internet giants by doing so. If you’ve watched any cable news program in the last year, you’re probably already familiar with how it is helping to cure us all of the reckless habit of using sentences longer than […]

Boost Your Site’s Productivity with 3 Easy Updates

I realized the other day that I’ve now spent over ten years working with small business web sites. Has the internet even been around 10 years?! Was it really 13 years ago that I was ducking class and hiding in the school’s computer lab so I could “email” the fellow geek sitting at the computer […]

Three Reasons Book Publishers are Perfect for Social Media

Yes. I admit that I may be biased. My life-long interest in book publishing, my background in the industry, and my general love for books, may make me an unsuitable person to declare a particular industry most-suited to participate in the world of social media. I’ll make my quick points and leave it up to […]

Your Web Site: The Essential Hub of Your Social Media Strategy

The world is all a-buzz right now (at least my corner of the world) about social media marketing and how to make Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or LinkedIn or Digg or Bloopt work for your business. I happen to think that these services—except for Bloopt, which I just made up—CAN work for businesses in […]

The Billboard Analogy & The Importance of Proving that Social Media Sells

Coca-Cola isn’t alerted by Rickie’s Convenience Mart every time you buy an ice cold bottle after walking past their signs at the local little league field. Nike can’t run the numbers (groan) on how many times people have purchased new kicks after seeing skinnier people in their ads on the subway. And McDonald’s can’t track […]