How to curate outside articles fast with WordPress

Watch this video (1:19) to learn how to quickly curate and publish articles using the Press This tool in WordPress. You will be amazed how fast you can deliver additional valuable content (in minutes)… and your readers will appreciate it. Get our free guide for publishers: The Subscription Accelerator™ guide Name Email(Required) NameThis field is […]

Digital issues: Publish more issues with fewer articles

The Freedom Press Survey: Readers spend 10 – 30 minutes on average with a digital magazine What this tells us is that readers have about 20 minutes to spend with your publication. What should you do? Create each issue to be consumed in approximately 20 minutes. If you typically publish 12 articles per monthly issue, […]

The Surprising Effectiveness of Digital Issues

In an effort to grab and keep the attention of an audience, many publishers—when they “went digital”—accelerated the pace of publishing to breakneck speed. Unburdened by the physical distribution limitations of print publishing—sourcing, printing, shipping, etc.—digital publishing meant rapid-fire publishing was now possible. Blogs, vlogs, ‘grams, streams, and all the other exhausting forms of stream-of-consciousness publishing proliferated—much to the frenetic joy of the audience and the frenetic stress of the publisher. Hello!

Quickly bundle your existing digital content into e-books or special issues

As a digital publisher you create new content (articles, news, blog posts, etc.) all year long. Take advantage of the content you’ve created (and published on your WordPress site) to put together a bundle of your most helpful and interesting content as a package (or issue, special issue, or ebook) for your customers.  This can be […]

It’s a trend: monetize your back issues

Why are readers drawn to content decades or even centuries old? The answer is a simple one: Articles that were once popular as cutting-edge news are now highly valued for their historical content. Digital archives are typically being made available through premium multimedia subscriptions that command significantly higher rates than print-only subscriptions — while still […]

What Does ‘Going Digital’ Actually Mean For Publishers?

“Going digital” has been the publisher’s catch-cry ever since the web started to take hold but for many small publishers it’s always been a costly undertaking. In the last few years, that’s all changed as low-cost, often free, products have once again levelled the publishing playing field. Now, the problem is not one of cost […]

Using Issues To Help Readers Achieve Finishability

Being economical with links and using issue-based publishing are key components in The Economist’s digital strategy. Should they be part of yours too? ‘Finishability’ allows readers to feel that they are on top of everything and gives them permission to do something else. And it’s central to the strategy to The Economist, the 170 year […]

Use WordPress issues to throw better parties

HOBNOB magazine wants to help you throw better parties Really… and it’s pretty cool. Their secret is packaging how-to articles (based on a party theme) into “issues” that you can read depending on what kind of party you would like to host. Want to host a party about things that are small? Check out the […]

How to QUICKLY find great free stock photos for your articles

Get your hands on the right free photo fast. The problem with most free stock photo sites is they suck all your time just trying to find a good photo for an article. There are lot’s of free options and some provide really beautiful photos but the wasted time hunting through the long photo galleries […]

Play the Long Game: Serve Your Audience First

This post was inspired by an article over on Copyblogger by Sonia Simone titled, “The Right Way to Think About Google.” Simone offers five wonderful rules to help us blogger/publishers guide our thinking about Google and its awesome and awesomely-fussy power. The article culminates with Simone’s fifth rule, which is this: “Serve the audience first.” […]

How to craft great titles for your audience

There are many popular schools of thought when it comes to titling an article. Unfortunately, the trend we’re seeing lately relies too heavily on fishing: Pack ’em full of keywords so the Google robots find you; Bait your readers with scintillating tantalization; Tell your readers they JUST WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT…!; …Make a list! […]

How to share a great article you found with your readers (curation)

A fishing publication asked me today how should I go about sharing an article with my readership? It’s a great question and yes you do want to share (or curate) articles from other sources… and it’s simple. When you run into a great article do these 4 things: Write up your own catchy title: Write […]

How to create links in your articles to attract more readers

Easy and powerful. If you are writing copy you need to always link to sources. Linking properly is key to humans clicking and Google ranking your stories in search Get our free guide for publishers: The Subscription Accelerator™ guide Name Email(Required) EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Δ

Should you publish issues or blog style?

There is no right or wrong way to publish. Consider whether your audience demands information as it happens (blogging) or whether curating and packaging articles into issues serves them better. It’s up to you. Below I will cover the pros and cons of using a blogging vs. issue based approach and also combining the two. […]

Your article page is more important than your homepage

Your articles are more important than your homepage. Why? Because we humans search for answers to specific questions online. And that sends us to a specific article that answers that specific question. Consider this statistic: On average (for news blogs and online publications) 70% of search and social sharing traffic lands directly on article pages […]

Add site search to your web publication to spot trends

Problem: How do you increase the number readers to your online magazine? Solution: Create articles that readers tell you they want 1. The typical way to get your publication ranking in Google search is to look at the keyword searches that are being done online (using Google Adsense which tells you the search volume for […]

Article formatting guidelines – a how to

You need to read this article on how-to firm up your article formatting guidelines. Do you want to let your contributors write and format any way they want? Do you want to spend extra time editing the formatting on submitted articles? i didn’t think so… so do yourself a favor and head over to WP-Daily […]

What’s the difference between a blog and a magazine?

There is a great discussion going on on Linkedin about this question which was posed by Lorraine Phillips in the Magazine discussion group. Here is her question: Can someone define what the difference is between a “regular” blog and an online type magazine. Is it the amount of sections or different content that pull together […]

Your magazine article page layout – Top 7 todos

The problem: Google tells us that 70% of all readers land on your article pages or blog posts and not your homepage. This is an amazing statistic and I have experienced the same. Now why does this happen? When people search, they search for something very specific. So lets pretend you published an article called […]

How to create a fabulous article in 10 minutes using video

I was talking to a couple of folks involved in real estate, a landscaper and a real estate broker. They both publish on their blog and they both realize that publishing good content is good for their business. It attracts natural Google search traffic and it builds trust with the visitors that land on their […]