The Problem With Password-Sharing

The Black Market of Content You spend a lot of time and effort on crafting amazing content. You want your subscribers to be excited about it. You want them to talk about it and share it. A good metered paywall like Leaky Paywall will allow just that: broad scale sharing over social media without compromising […]

Creating Your Content Hub

The mantra of modern online publishing is create your content and leave it to your readers to decide where they want to consume it. It’s a noble sentiment but the reality of enabling this approach can be daunting, as well as time and resource intensive if not planned properly. So, how feasible is it for […]

Play the Long Game: Serve Your Audience First

This post was inspired by an article over on Copyblogger by Sonia Simone titled, “The Right Way to Think About Google.” Simone offers five wonderful rules to help us blogger/publishers guide our thinking about Google and its awesome and awesomely-fussy power. The article culminates with Simone’s fifth rule, which is this: “Serve the audience first.” […]

How to Target Your Titles for Your Audience

There are many popular schools of thought when it comes to titling an article. Unfortunately, the trend we’re seeing lately relies too heavily on fishing: Pack ’em full of keywords so the Google robots find you; Bait your readers with scintillating tantalization; Tell your readers they JUST WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT…!; …Make a list! […]

Swimming Through Mud: The State of Publishing Online

Publishing online today is like swimming through mud—difficult, unclear, tiring. Any print publisher of any stripe—book, news, magazine, school, corporate, etc.—looking to put content online is quickly overwhelmed by a mudslide of large, and sometimes esoteric, questions: Free content or paid? How do we prevent rampant piracy? Is SEO still a thing? Flipbook- or blog-style? […]

Don’t design your online magazine… blueprint it (a how to)

Grab a pencil and some paper… This story starts with a person I call the frenzied editor. Not long ago I walked into the office of this publisher who was peering over a conference room table, with about 30 white pieces of paper scattered about. What he was doing was busily sorting out what pages […]

Your article page is more important than your homepage

Your articles are more important than your homepage. Why? Because we humans search for answers to specific questions online. And that sends us to a specific article that answers that specific question. Consider this statistic: On average (for news blogs and online publications) 70% of search and social sharing traffic lands directly on article pages This […]

What’s types of content should you publish?

Your stories are great but how to you take them further? What about audio, video, webinars and e-books? Watch this video to learn about the types of powerful content you must consider publishing. Get our free guide for publishers: The Subscription Accelerator™ guide Name Email(Required) EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left […]

You must add site search to your WordPress magazine or news publication

Problem: How do you increase the number readers to your online magazine? Solution: Create articles that readers tell you they want 1. The typical way to get your publication ranking in Google search is to look at the keyword searches that are being done online (using Google Adsense which tells you the search volume for […]

Proper article formatting guidelines – a how to

You need to read this article on how-to firm up your article formatting guidelines. Do you want to let your contributors write and format any way they want? Do you want to spend extra time editing the formatting on submitted articles? i didn’t think so… so do yourself a favor and head over to WP-Daily and at least save this […]

What happens when you put up a paywall? (a magazine mini case study)

The Times of London recently reversed themselves. They removed some of the paywall that they had put up which charges subscribers to read their news. The Times decided to offer some teaser text free of charge with their articles. All their articles were previously blocked for 2 years. So why did they do this? The […]

How to create a fabulous article in 10 minutes using video

I was talking to a couple of folks involved in real estate, a landscaper and a real estate broker. They both publish on their blog and they both realize that publishing good content is good for their business. It attracts natural Google search traffic and it builds trust with the visitors that land on their […]