An interview with Eric Shanfelt on subscription strategies

Successful paywall strategies for publishers This interview was originally posted on Nearview Media. Eric and Pete dive deep into free registrations and paid subscription strategies. Make sure you check out Eric’s High Value Publishing podcast (where this interview is also published). A little bit about Eric: “For the past 28 years, I’ve worked with hundreds […]

Your #1 strategy for growing paid subscriptions

Invest 6 minutes to learn the most important step in growing your paid subscriber base. We have implemented this strategy throughout our publisher base and the results are impressive. You will learn how to: Grow your email list Convert paying subscribers See a successful publication’s approach Watch now: Lightly edited transcript: What I’m going to […]

15 New & Easy Publishing Tactics To Boost Your Subscription Revenue

Step #4 of our Subscription Accelerator™ framework Once you have a good paid subscription flow it’s time to consider adding new revenue products. The following 15 are easy, low hanging fruit, tactics that you can implement now to bump up your subscription revenues. If you would like to listen to the episode that inspired this […]

How to convert free registered readers into paying subscribers

Step Three of the Subscription Accelerator™ Framework To recap, the Subscription Accelerator™ is our formula for revving up your paid subscriptions and, with them, your revenue (full video recording available below). Step one is collecting registered readers, by offering free but limited access to your casual and semi-casual visitors. Step two is sending your newsletter of […]

How your email newsletter drives paid subscription revenue

Step Two of the Subscription Accelerator™ Framework Is your email newsletter your #2 source of subscription revenue? Today we will cover the importance of your email newsletter. It is the number two step in the Subscription Accelerator™ framework.  Please note this is a lightly edited transcript from the following video: Opportunities The first thing I […]