Why You Should Be Publishing Special Digital Issues

Everybody’s Got Issues Publishers already work incredibly hard. Your attention is on creating brilliant content: finding the right audience, the right sources, the right angle, the right words. On top of all that, you have to do the actual publishing: the platform, the distribution, the promotion, the revenue streams. It’s a lot. In recognition of […]

How To Revive Old Content to Attract New Readers

Forgotten Treasures All successful publishers eventually run into the same problem: they amass a lot of amazing content that their growing body of readers never think to read. Different types of publishers have different versions of this problem. A quarterly publication may have archived a decade’s worth of back issues that new readers overlook. A […]

How a college magazine overcame the challenge of publishing effective digital issues in our mobile and sharing world

The Challenge: A Beautiful Magazine in the Digital Age Lynchburg College, a private college in Virginia, publishes a truly beautiful magazine for their alumni and community. Rich content, high-quality, high-resolution photos – it’s a biannual masterpiece. It’s not surprising that they’d want to migrate that content to the web. It’s also not surprising that they’d […]

Free IssueM support moves to WordPress forums

Just a big FYI if you are looking for free support for IssueM head over to https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/issuem Reason 1: After starting our support in BBPress and then moving to HelpScout we noticed that no matter how much we encouraged support off the WP repo folks couldn’t resist posting there :) Reason 2: Another big reason to […]

Publisher profile: Running a metered paywall and apps… together

Profile DKonPittsburghSports is a Pittsburgh sports news site run by the award winning journalist Dejan Kovacevic (DK). DK offers readers 2 free articles using a metered paywall. The paywall is integrated with his iOS and Android apps for centralized subscriber management. After a reader views 2 articles either on his website or in his apps, […]

It’s time to monetize your back issues

Why are readers drawn to content decades or even centuries old? The answer is a simple one: Articles that were once popular as cutting-edge news are now highly valued for their historical content. Digital archives are typically being made available through premium multimedia subscriptions that command significantly higher rates than print-only subscriptions — while still […]

Is native advertising doomed?

This video made me laugh. It’s funny, really funny and makes me glad I have an HBO subscription so I can watch more John Oliver. John, in a completely satirical way, lambastes the entire native advertising movement. He points out that advertising and editorial are “church and state” and should never be mixed together. Is […]

Using “Twitter Links” to Improve Your Social Media Tracking Efforts

Twitter—the wildly popular “micro-blogging” service—is making a giant impact on the internet, and joining the ranks of internet giants by doing so. If you’ve watched any cable news program in the last year, you’re probably already familiar with how it is helping to cure us all of the reckless habit of using sentences longer than […]