An Interview with Todd Moen of Catch Magazine – Paywall Podcast

The Lifecycle of an All-Digital Magazine In Episode 7 of the Paywall Podcast, ZEEN101’s Jeremy Green talks to Todd Moen of Catch Magazine. The Official Journal of Flyfishing Photography and Film, Catch has been an all-digital, high-resolution publication for over a decade. In that time, the magazine has weathered every storm and survived every evolution of […]

Managing multiple digital magazine editions

Knowing the waters The success of a magazine, digital or otherwise, hinges on knowing and appealing to its readers. Understanding and catering to the needs of your target demographic is vital to your publication. The Fisherman has gone all out to do just that. Fishing is, of course, a variable experience. It depends on the […]

How to generate new revenues through tiered subscription levels

“We already had a digital magazine going out once a month that people were paying for,” he says. “But we also felt that the content we put out daily was of sufficient value to people that they probably wouldn’t be completely adverse to paying for that as well.”

How we redesigned a website in 60 days to boost engagement and subscriptions

An Overloaded Site Total Football Analysis provides exactly what’s in the name: in-depth analysis of the current world of soccer: its leagues, its players, its tactics and strategies. It’s an embarrassment of football riches. Between the monthly magazine and the daily site content, Total Football Analysis was providing so much material that their old site […]

Using free subscriptions to build paid memberships

A Different Goal For more than 30 years, Land Line has been the publication for independent truck drivers. As a veteran publisher with close ties to the industry it serves, Land Line has a thorough and intimate knowledge of its readership. But Land Line is also a little different than most publications. Despite its wealth […]

How To Protect And Profit From Your Unique Content

A Different Kind of Content All content is valuable. Fortunately, just about any kind of content can be metered. Take a look at Automobl. Automobl is a new Canadian car comparison site. Founder Paul Webster has spent a lot of time compiling data on every trim available of more than 175 cars currently on the […]

How To Integrate Your Paywall And Your Third Party Systems

Don’t Panic! The idea of transferring your entire print subscription database to a digital edition can be terrifying for an established publication. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Just ask Louisiana Sportsman. Louisiana Sportsman has been catering to Southern fisherman and hunters for nearly 40 years. They’ve had a long time to build up a subscription […]

How Automated Email Marketing Can Triple Your Audience

A Powerful Tool Email might just be the biggest direct marketing tool in your arsenal. It can also be the easiest. Studies show that readers who join your email list are 10x more likely to become paid subscribers. And getting people to join your email list doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, most of […]

How to grow your print subscriptions with digital issues

The Digital Dilemma In an increasingly digital world, it’s difficult to fathom staying afloat as a print publication. But the transition into digital hasn’t been easy either. First, there’s the slow evolution of exactly what a digital issue means (don’t worry, we have an answer for you). And then, there’s the problem of advertising. Digital […]

How To Make Your Email Marketing Smarter (And Easier) With Automation

A Tool That Goes The Distance It shouldn’t come as news that email can be a powerful tool for publishers. Building an  email list is vital because people who join your list are 10x more likely to become subscribers. But if building your email list is a kickstart for your subscriptions, managing your email list […]

Issue-based rockstars: 2 Folio awards for 2 IssueM publications

Take a Bow!  Many congratulations to Modern Drummer and Einstein Magazine (and if you can’t wait… see the Folio winners now). Their rockstar digital publications nabbed them a place among the prestigious Folio: Ozzie Awards, winner and finalist. Who are they? Einstein Magazine serves the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Modern Drummer is 40 years of […]

Combine Pop-Ups and Popular Pages To Earn Subscriptions

Good Tactics for a Revered Source Track & Field News is the bible of track and field. The web-based publication reports on major events and rising stars in track and field events. More than that, Track & Field News includes an incredibly broad archive of the results and rankings of meets – worldwide, historical and […]

How A Local Newspaper’s Metered Paywall Doubled Its Subscribers In 18 Months

The Challenge: Valuable News Hidden Away The Austin Monitor is an online news publisher dedicated to the local political and business happenings of Austin, Texas. Though their content was prolific and valuable, their original hard paywall severely limited the growth of their readership. After all, it’s hard to court new readers when they can only […]

How To Increase Paid Subscriptions Organically With A Weekly Newsletter

The Challenge: An Easy Path To More Subscriptions Military Living is a digital and print publication that de-mystifies travel for military families. In addition to its three travel guides, the website features frequent posts and updates on related topics. A digital subscription includes access to both the guides and the web content. ZEEN101 helped Military […]

How To Revive Old Content to Attract New Readers

Forgotten Treasures All successful publishers eventually run into the same problem: they amass a lot of amazing content that their growing body of readers never think to read. Different types of publishers have different versions of this problem. A quarterly publication may have archived a decade’s worth of back issues that new readers overlook. A […]

How An Online News Source Did Better Than Banner Ads

The Challenge: Successful Advertising For A Difficult Medium The Genesee Sun is a news source for Livingston County, New York. Conceived and launched in 2011 as a solely online and intensely local newspaper, the Sun’s income is dependent on web subscriptions and advertising. Their clever use of Leaky Paywall helped them with their subscriptions. Online […]

Traffic Surges and Web Growth: A Year With ZEEN101

A Year of Effort, A Year of Reward 2017 was The Year of Modern Drummer’s Digital Magazine. Originally a print magazine with a decent news blog and articles hidden in PDFs, Modern Drummer expanded to include a true, issue-based online publication. ZEEN101’s Anvil suite of products played a significant role in the process. Over the […]

How To Take Your Organic Subscriptions From Zero To A Thousand In Six Months

The Challenge: Staying Afloat in the Digital Waterways Small Boats Monthly – child to the broader Wooden Boat Magazine – is an all-digital, issue-based publication of three years. It features the history, designs, and denizens of the world of small hobby craft, as well as product reviews and events. Designers, builders, sailors, and adventurers can […]

Einstein Magazine and IssueM: An Award-Winning Combination

Time to Celebrate ZEEN101 would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Einstein Magazine for their recent recognition in the prestigious Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards. The Folio Awards are frequently touted as the top media honor in the digital space. Einstein Magazine, the alumni publication for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was named […]

How a legal magazine managed their paywall to explode their email list (and subscriptions)

The Project & The Challenge: Strong Content, Low Readership The Practice is an online magazine published by Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. It’s a valuable resource for legal professionals, full of news, analysis, and continued learning on the global practice of law. Published first in 2014, and running seven issues per volume […]

Read the Bibblio interview on how a veteran magazine publisher got digital publishing right

The Beat Goes On The web-based issues and subscription success of Modern Drummer magazine is getting some attention. Fully customized web issue publishing and archiving, an easy-to-manage metered paywall, and an automated iOS and Android experience, helped drive their results. Revealing insights from Bibblio a Medium Source The content-recommendation–specialists Bibblio interviewed Modern Drummer and recently published an […]

How a college magazine overcame the challenge of publishing effective digital issues in our mobile and sharing world

The Challenge: A Beautiful Magazine in the Digital Age Lynchburg College, a private college in Virginia, publishes a truly beautiful magazine for their alumni and community. Rich content, high-quality, high-resolution photos – it’s a biannual masterpiece. It’s not surprising that they’d want to migrate that content to the web. It’s also not surprising that they’d […]

Hardening your metered paywall can triple paid subscriptions

The Challenge: Established Publication, New Era For 30 years, Military Living has been providing an invaluable tool to the military community: a set of guidebooks for military travel. Military personnel and their families are eligible for a number of travel discounts and Military Living has made that simpler with their three publications: one for hotel […]

How a drumming magazine leapt into digital subscriptions with resounding success

The Project – A Proud Print History Modern Drummer is a comprehensive drumming magazine with a long history of compelling issues. Interviews with titans and rising stars, product reviews, tools and tricks of trade, reflections on the history of music – Modern Drummer has been providing the drumming brotherhood with a wealth of treasure for […]

How a metered paywall doubled subscriptions for a Texas news publisher

In 18 months the Austin Monitor doubled their paid subscriptions by switching to a metered paywall.  Watch this video to find out how they did it. For more information about Leaky Paywall head over to ZEEN101 Get our free guide for publishers: The Subscription Accelerator™ guide Name Email(Required) NameThis field is for validation purposes and […]

How an innovative publisher built digital subscriptions from their travel guidebooks produces 3 printed guidebooks packed with deals for Military and ex-Military travelers. They needed a way to move all their guidebook information onto the web in order to get found in Google search, encourage guidebook sharing in Facebook, and take digital subscriptions. Watch this (6:05) video to learn how we constructed the site to […]

How did Tea Journey Magazine raise almost $100k on Kickstarter?

Tea Journey helps consumers make informed tea selections, properly prepare fine tea and better appreciate the artisans who craft it. Just days ago enough tea enthusiasts contributed to successfully fund Tea Journey’s Kickstarter campaign. Tea Journey is now the third most funded (of 1,098) periodicals in Kickstarter history. That’s right a new magazine with a digital and […]

Revitalization News finds digital publishing success with ZEEN101’s plugins

Q: How does a digital magazine keep their site’s issues, articles, and other content easy to navigate and offer up well-crafted subscription offers? A: Using great WordPress plugins that all work together, seamlessly. Check out how Revitalization News’ subscription based magazine uses the best of what WordPress has to offer – and thrives. Oddly enough, it’s […]

Apps sync with WordPress for true 1 click issue publishing (yes issue publishing!)

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today (LPT) needed to get in front of it’s audience of attorneys by providing convenient apps for a better reading experience… and doing so without creating any extra workload. The problem up till now was that producing apps to go along with a publication was time consuming, exhausting, and expensive. […]

The New Yorker finds success with its metered paywall

If you are considering or implementing a metered paywall you need to read this article. The New Yorker magazine has some very compelling data about the success of it’s metered paywall. As of today they offer 6 free articles before you need to pay to subscribe. At article 4 they interrupt you to promote their […]

The Austin Monitor monetizes digital news archives with Leaky Paywall

Knowing the value of your publication’s content is essential to long-term success – especially when your publication’s articles and stories are not readily available anywhere else. Archiving past news content and setting up a subscription level that has access to these articles is smart. Click over to Howto.Pub to see how the Austin Monitor does […]

The New Yorker finds success with its metered paywall

If you are considering or implementing a metered paywall you need to read this article. The New Yorker magazine has some very compelling data about the success of it’s metered paywall. As of today they offer 6 free articles before you need to pay to subscribe. At article 4 they interrupt you to promote their […]

App publishing is now 1 click away for People’s Pundit Daily

WordPress makes it’s easier than ever to create and charge for a digital publication on the web. But, given that apps are the preferred way to read digital content – how do you, the publisher, give readers paid access to your content in a convenient app… that doesn’t break the bank or your back? Apps […]