How a college magazine overcame the challenge of publishing effective digital issues in our mobile and sharing world

The Challenge: A Beautiful Magazine in the Digital Age

Lynchburg College, a private college in Virginia, publishes a truly beautiful magazine for their alumni and community. Rich content, high-quality, high-resolution photos – it’s a biannual masterpiece.

It’s not surprising that they’d want to migrate that content to the web. It’s also not surprising that they’d choose how to display their masterpiece with care.

The Project Requirements: Visual and Visible
It takes a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to put together a magazine to be proud of. When the end result is a success, it’s easy for publishers to be tempted by flipbooks and PDFs. Not only are they basically a simple upload away, they also capture the magazine exactly as it’s laid out in the hard copy.

The problem with flipbooks and PDFs is that, no matter how pretty they are, they actually get in the way of search and sharing and are a UI disaster on mobile devices

Since they’re essentially just very detailed image files, they don’t make much impact in the major search engines and they’re difficult to navigate internally.

And since they are very detailed, the files themselves are huge and slow to load. This makes them impractical to share on social media. It also makes them difficult to load and read on mobile devices.

They might capture the beauty of the print copy but they fail to capture any of the advantages of being on the internet.

The Solution: IssueM and WordPress
Lynchburg College Magazine eventually found the solution with WordPress and ZEEN101’s IssueM plug-in.

With IssueM, Lynchburg College has easily created a true web-based magazine. It allows for simple collation of a whole magazine issue, with searchable, shareable, navigable articles and an automatic archive. 

Plus, WordPress’ inherent flexibility makes for a great user experience across devices and IssueM works with any theme or layout and provides a lot of customization options.

The Results: Digitally Dynamic and Simply Stunning

The web-based version of the Lynchburg College Magazine speaks for itself.

The large banner images, easy to find content, and clean layout is every bit as beautiful as the print version. And IssueM gives it all the dynamism required to flourish on the web… every article ranks strongly in search, can be easily shared in social media, and yes easy to read on your phone.

It’s the best of both worlds.

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