A conversation about the digital publishing mess we are in, and the solution we call Anvil

Bob Self (from Front and Finish Magazine), Jesse McDougall, and I discuss the problems with today’s digital publishing solutions and take a look at the new Anvil publishing platform that integrates a metered paywall, issues and apps in 1 easy to manage WordPress dashboard.

The videos below are taken from our 1st Anvil Demo day and will take you deep into our thinking and approach to help the publisher succeed in todays Google, Facebook and mobile world.

1. The Publishing mess we are in

2. Your publishing must dos

3. The Facebook firehose and your curation opportunity

4. The unnecessary digital publishing workflow pain

5. Anvil platform overview

6.  Anvil: Showing off a couple of live publications

7. Anvil: The Dashboard

8. Anvil: Can I sell PDFs?

9. Anvil: Stripe vs. PayPal payments

10. Anvil: Can I add 3rd party plugins?

11. Anvil: How does build process work?

12. The Anvil Story: How we got here

13. Anvil: When can I start adding content to the platform?

If you would like more information about our Anvil platform or would like a private demo we would love it if you got in touch.

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