Leaky Paywall – Multisite

Multisite compatibility

The Multisite plugin lets you run Leaky Paywall on two or more subsites with one WordPress multisite installation. Lets readers choose to subscribe to an individual site or to all sites with one payment. Leaky Paywall maintains one subscriber database for all your multisite publications.

Things you can do on a multisite install:

  • Set a global free level to collect subscribers email addresses and let them have limited access to all your publications.
  • Set a global paid level to let subscribers have access to all your paid sites
  • Sell individual subscriptions
  • Manage all your subscribers in one subscriber dashboard

For example if you run publications A, B, and C you can sell individual subscriptions to each, OR a single global subscription to all three. You cannot sell two of the 3 subscriptions at this point. Readers can, however, subscribe individually to multiple publications and have access all their account info on any site’s My Account page.

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Current Version 1.0.0

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