Easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions – Part 1 – Paywall Podcast

Easy fixes for big wins

Your readers know you from your site. They make their decisions based on how you present yourself during their experiences there. The moments where you directly interact with them inform how far they support your publication.

Which is where Easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions (Part 1) comes in. This short installment of the Paywall Podcast is chock-full of actionable information for improving the reader experience. Part one of three on making the most of your website, the episode takes you through optimizing your touchpoints.

The Highlights

  • Do a walkthrough of your site like a new user, starting from an article page.
  • Check your touchpoints – the decision-making moments for your reader, the moments when you have direct contact.
  • Make note of your page speed, free registration nag, registration page, welcome email, paid subscription nag, subscription page, payment page, paid welcome email.
  • Be sure you’re customizing your copy beyond the default – make it simple, but clear.
  • Don’t use the registration process to upsell – save that for the emails.
    • After registering, take them back to the article they were reading, rather than a thank you page.
    • A welcome email is the perfect place to say thanks, to tell them about your mission, to offer coupons and upgrades.
  • Make sure your messaging matches from free registration to paid subscription.
  • For subscription cards, three is the magic number. More makes decisions more difficult for the reader.
  • Keep your payment process simple, frictionless.
  • Pay attention to your pop-ups. Don’t let them interrupt the registrations/subscription process.

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