Grab your reader’s attention with a great subscription footer nag

Science_News___Daily_news_articles__blogs_and_biweekly_magazine_covering_all_areas_of_science has a lot of things going right online. Not only is the subject matter totally awesome, and the photos spectacular, but they also manage to nail the metered paywall approach.

Here’s how it works:

1. Metered paywall

They give you a free article and then ask you to subscribe. Check.

2. Read your first article

When you start scrolling down the article a graphic slides up from the footer which nicely encourages you to subscribe. Here it is in action:

SngifNotice it uses nice cover photos on the left to catch your eye and then displays the subscribe text in the bottom bar.

3. On to a second article

Once you use up your 1 free article you are presented with an article excerpt and a callout to subscribe (subscription nag) within the article.


4. Mobile view

The mobile view serves up the article excerpt and in-article subscription copy… no room on the screen means no footer nag. Note the slick fading teaser text.


This is a simple an elegant way to set up a metered paywall that compels the reader to subscribe with a great design approach.

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