How a veteran publisher monetizes it’s digital magazine archives


Metered paywall + 60 web issues = 10x more visitors from Google search and social sharing

Atlantis Rising Magazine (ARM) is a digital publisher who takes full advantage of offering its article archives to paying subscribers.

In 2016 ARM took its existing WordPress site and upgraded it with a clean and up to date mobile-friendly design.



All of ARMs 60+ issues are easy to navigate (see image above), and are also indexed by Google so more readers can discover the publication through search engines. Click on an issue cover and all of that issues’ articles are displayed.

The IssueM plugin is used to organize articles into issues and also allows for the publication to offer up a PDF version for download. ARM uses this PDF functionality to allow non-subscribers to download a free 13-page teaser PDF to sample the issue.


Leaky Paywall

ARM offers 6 free articles to any single reader. After reading any 6 articles, readers are prompted to pay to subscribe. The meter lets Google crawl and index all current and past issues, exponentially increasing the amount of search engine visitors to the site.

Simple one-click subscriptions are offered using the Stripe Checkout payment platform at easy-to-swallow monthly payments ($4.99 – $6.99 currently). Stripe is a leading credit card processor for recurring subscriptions and this setup only requires the subscriber to enter an email address and credit card details. Again – easy for the subscriber.

Magazine Background

Atlantis Rising Magazine (ARM) is a scientifically oriented publication, which reports on the latest developments concerning ancient mysteries, alternative/future science and unexplained anomalies. This is simply not a mainstream magazine – it offers well-researched articles on alternative ideas regarding science, history and culture. It reaches an international market and offers a huge resource and archive on the subject.


The following plugins were implemented:

  • WordPress (open source website platform used by millions of websites)
  • Leaky Paywall (free plugin – allows readers to read a few articles before being prompted to pay)
  • IssueM (free plugin – organizes articles by issue)
  • Stripe (convenient payment processor that’s built into Leaky Paywall’s functionality)
  • MailChimp (e-news service)
  • Ad Dropper (paid plugin that places ads, videos, or text anywhere on the site – tracks views and clicks within the WordPress dashboard)

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