How the Einstein College of Medicine publishes it’s digital issues for search, social, and mobile

If you are publishing issues to the web take a look at Albert Einstein College of Medicine‘s digital magazine. They do a lot of things right.

What and how they do it

  1. Winter_Spring_2016___Issues___Einstein_Online_Magazine
    Current Issue layout

    This WordPress site publishes real web articles and issues (not flip-book or PDFs). This let’s Google crawl and index all the articles for readers to find when they run a search. This means more readers find Einstein’s articles

  2. Live web issues also means that readers can share each article in Facebook, Linkedin, etc. This means articles can go viral in social media
  3. The layout is very clean which draws the readers attention to the photos and articles. The home page is the current issue. Top stories are displayed in a slideshow at the top while the articles in each department (category) are grouped below. This lets the reader easily scan through the issue to find what they want.
  4. Archive issues are neatly grouped on the archive page and when the reader clicks a past issue the entire issue loads up with the selected issue name always displayed in the header
  5. The publication is responsive to small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. Apps are in development
  6. Email subscriptions… anyone can sign up to be notified when a new issue goes live

Einstein Magazine provides a great model for how a print publication can move it’s issues online to serve the needs of the modern digital reader.

Software used:

Publication URL: Einstein Magazine


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