How to create a fabulous article in 10 minutes using video

youtube_logo_standard_againstwhite-vflKoO81_-300x109I was talking to a couple of folks involved in real estate, a landscaper and a real estate broker. They both publish on their blog and they both realize that publishing good content is good for their business. It attracts natural Google search traffic and it builds trust with the visitors that land on their blog, showing them as experts. The same goes for you as a publisher… and this addresses one of your big questions:

How do I produce content in a time effective manner?

You can create awesome content while you are out and about, content that will create knock-it-out-of-the-park-articles, and it involves video. You will need to get a smartphone with a video recorder. Get an iPhone or an Android Phone (I find the iPhone dead simple and captures great HD video). Newer phones today also make it extraordinarily easy to upload the video directly from your phone to your YouTube channel (on the spot right after you finish recording). Once the video is on your YouTube channel it’s easy to embed it into WordPress.

The main steps are:

  1. Set up your YouTube channel
  2. Upload your video to YouTube after recording.
  3. Edit your video right on YouTube. Here’s good video on editing in YouTube.
  4. You can embed your video easily right back in a new article. Here is a good how to embed a video into WordPress article.

So imagine if you are that landscaper and you’re looking at a beautiful project that you just completed, you whip out your smartphone and take a quick video of the project… while recording you talk about the process you went through, and in 5 minutes you have yourself a great video.

The secret sauce:

Once you drop your video into your article you still need to do one more thing: create a text version of your video. Google needs real text to be able to understand what that article’s about so your readers can find the article in Google search. What you need is a transcription of what you say in your video. By the way… many of your readers prefer to scan articles rather than watch a video (we all consume information differently).

For great transcriptions go to You can copy the YouTube address of your video into CastingWords… and they will deliver to you a written transcription of your video, which you can copy and paste into your article. What do they charge? They charge $1 per minute. So let’s say you spent two minutes recording and talking. You might end up with 500 words of copy to go along with your video. You’ll spend a grand total of $2 to get the text and the video into your magazine article. And you’ll have a readable/scannable and Google friendly way to deliver great content, fast.

Here is an example of a video and transcription text.

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