How to QUICKLY find great free stock photos for your articles

Get your hands on the right free photo fast.

The problem with most free stock photo sites is they suck all your time just trying to find a good photo for an article. There are lot’s of free options and some provide really beautiful photos but the wasted time hunting through the long photo galleries drives me nuts.

Luckily some photo sites are starting to provide both great photos AND good search functions.

What you really need:

  1. Search-ability so you can find the right photo fast
  2. High quality photos (there are a lot of low quality free sites out there)
  3. Free or near free

Side note: I get a lot of questions from publishers about what use rights free photos have. I don’t have a copyright background, but I will suggest that you:

  1. Only use photos one time for your articles… don’t use a free photo to brand a product or business
  2. Give the photographer credit. This is the new currency for photographers… a credit and ideally a link to them helps them alot

Here are the best sites I have found so far:

  • searches through creative commons licensed photos that you might find on sites like Flickr. Great tool
  • another creative commons driven search site that works well
  • odd name but good photos
  • find the Explore link to uncover the search box
  • really nice photos and some video
  • young site so pics are limited by good quality

Notable mentions:

  • not searchable but the hi-rez landscapes are gorgeous and can be used for lots of different articles
  • stock photos for, hang on… $1
  • great selection and reasonable prices

Have you found any great searchable free stock photo resources? Please share!

Image credit: Mia Di Domenico

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