How to increase ad revenue with sponsored galleries

History and Progress

Spotlight News has been covering local news from the Capital District of New York for more than 60 years.

Those years of experience have given them a solid instinct for advertising, even when moving forward into the world of web-based publishing.

Their online publication is good but what Spotlight News has really nailed is sponsored content.

Better Than Banner Ads

Sponsored content is the future of digital advertising. It works like this: you have an idea for a piece of content on, say, changes in health coverage. You approach a local hospital or healthcare provider and ask if they would pay to sponsor the content – to add their name and logo and expertise to your article.

It’s a win for both you: you get ad money and good content and they get noticed as part of the newsfeed, not a flashing distraction from it.

And it doesn’t have to be a whole new piece of content, either.

IssueM makes it easy to quickly pull articles into a special issue. Find a business interested in your topic – January basketball or local eateries – and get them to sponsor your special issue. (Special issues you can do now, sponsorship functionality is coming soon…)

Or, you can do what Spotlight News does: find sponsors for your sections and especially for your photo galleries.

Worth A Thousand Words

Spotlight’s section sponsorships are a simple device. The header for certain news sections – ‘What’s Brewing?’ or ‘Latest News’ – comes attached to a logo and a declaration of sponsorship.

It’s not particularly fancy, but it gets name recognition for the businesses involved.

The photo galleries are the real masterpiece.

Spotlight News’ does a great job of curating photos of local events – concerts and sports and so on. Local businesses are given the opportunity to sponsor not only the gallery as a whole but to get their logo and name attached to each individual picture.

Think about it: there’s a natural draw to these kinds of galleries. A concert for a popular band is a draw. If you went, you might see a photo of yourself in the audience. If you didn’t, you still get to see images of people you admire.

It’s also a prime attraction for proud sports parents, seeking to relieve their child’s glory moments.

And with a gallery, who stops at one photo? It’s only natural to flip through the whole collection. With a logo on each photo…how many times was the logo of the sponsor subconsciously associated with something the viewer likes?

However you look at it, Spotlight News has discovered a great way to make sponsored content really work for them and their format.

Curious to discover how sponsored content could increase your advertising revenue? Let’s talk.

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