How to sell a Super-Premium subscription level

Special Handling For Special Content

All of your content is valuable, but for most publishers there are some pieces that are simply more valuable than others.

Take iPolitics, for example. A leading online source for Canadian political news, iPolitics is offering in-depth coverage of its upcoming 43rd general election.

For the months of September and October only, they’ve gone all out with new features and columns to satisfy the most engaged citizen.

And fortunately, they already have the right tool to make the most of all that lovely, exclusive content: good old Leaky Paywall.

More Tiers For Super-Premium Content

iPolitics is taking full advantage of Leaky Paywall’s native flexibility to create an entirely new meter and subscription level specifically for its Election 2019 coverage.

The Election 2019 coverage includes topical news content, podcast episodes, a daily tracker of the polling data, and much more.

They’ve used Leaky Paywall to allow two free views of the general news articles, while placing a complete lockdown on the podcast and polling data…unless readers have purchased their short-term Election 2019 subscription.

They also have created a group category offering Official Parties the subscription at a reduced rate per member.

This ‘super-premium’ subscription level operates independently of iPolitics regular meter and subscription service and affects only this special content.

The Right Tool For The Job

Having a flexible paywall makes this service (and revenue source) possible. Not only has iPolitics created multiple subscription levels for their general content, they’ve introduced a separate stream with multiple payment models.

And they were able to do it without having to jerry-rig any tweaks or code any customizations. Everything they needed was already right there in Leaky Paywall.

Whether you call it a hybrid paywall or a hybrid-metered paywall or just incredibly flexible, Leaky Paywall is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, right out of the box.

Want to learn more about how Leaky Paywall can help you protect and monetize your special content (and your regular content, too)? Let’s chat.

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