How to turn your Thank-You page into more subscriptions

An Unused Tool In Your Toolbox

Every publisher has a secret weapon that they just don’t know about yet. It’s a tiny tool in their arsenal but it is perfectly placed to leverage into great effect.

What is this mysterious asset? The thank you page.

That’s right. The obligatory splash page that everyone displays after the new subscriber has submitted payment? It actually has the potential to be a powerful resource.

Just check out what The Correspondent is doing with theirs.

It’s All About The Timing

The Correspondent is launching itself in 2019 as a source of ‘Unbreaking News’ – long-form, in-depth analysis that stands as a counterpoint to the sensational and scrolling headlines that pepper popular coverage.

When you sign up to become a member (or “Join The Movement”, as they say), you are directed to a page that thanks you for your participation…and also presents you with a few more options.

The main 2 options are simple:

Gift a membership to someone else or share ‘the movement’ via social media.

These requests are placed in a simple menu at the top.

They are also repeated in more detail in clean, easily readable cards below (along with a few smaller cards prompting more in-depth involvement). 

Why does this work?

Because the thank you page catches the reader at the perfect moment: they’re already in ‘payment mode’. They’re riding the high of joining The Correspondent’s movement and they already have their metaphorical wallet in hand. Making a second purchase is easier than making the first.

And compared to that, sending out an quick, pre-created social media message is even easier.

And it is obviously working. The Correspondent has managed to win over 45,000 members and crowd-source over $2 million for their launch.

An Easy Win

The Correspondent’s thank you page is well-designed for their particular mission but the principles will hold true for any publisher.

Your brand new subscriber is already in action. They’ve got momentum and your thank you page gives you the means to direct that momentum.

It’s a low-effort win for you. You already have a thank you page. All you have to do is spice it up a little and you can reap the benefits.

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