How To Increase Paid Subscriptions Organically With A Weekly Newsletter

The Challenge: An Easy Path To More Subscriptions

Military Living is a digital and print publication that de-mystifies travel for military families.

In addition to its three travel guides, the website features frequent posts and updates on related topics. A digital subscription includes access to both the guides and the web content.

ZEEN101 helped Military Living with its user-friendly web interface and also integrated a metered paywall to protect the value of their content while still allowing their readers to sample it.

But these measures alone could only help so much with the business of increasing subscriptions.

The Solution: A Cycle of Gentle Pestering

According to the Wired Magazine presentation at WordCamp Denver, the readers on your mailing list are 10 times more likely to subscribe to your publication. Military Living decided to give it a try.

It works like this:

Military Living prompts all visitors to sign up for their free weekly newsletter, which promises a first look at all their news and updates.

Newsletter Signup for Organic Subscriptions

The newsletter arrives promptly in readers’ inboxes with headlines and excerpts of their newest posts and publications. Easy to compile, easy to send, easy to read.

Judicious use of Leaky Paywall allows readers to access one or two of the posts in their entirety before the meter runs out and prompts them to subscribe.

If they choose to sign up – great! A new subscription. If not, they’ll still receive next week’s newsletter and the loop begins all over again with fresh material. It’s a low-pressure reminder that Military Living is out there, publishing useful content.

Eventually, most readers will run into an article they want but that is still hidden behind the paywall. Once it happens often enough, they’ll see the worth in purchasing a subscription.

The Results: Thousands of New Subscriptions

For a gentle sales technique, it’s amazingly effective.

[bctt tweet=”In the time since they started sending out a weekly newsletter, Military Living has seen their organic subscriptions increase by nearly 30 percent.” username=””]

That’s more than 2000 new subscriptions. And all it took was a simple newsletter.

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