IssueM 1.2.12 Released

We’ve uploaded the latest version of IssueM (1.2.12) to the plugin repository. The most recent release includes some new features and functionality to improve your experience with IssueM.

Front End Updates

  • We’ve added a link to the Issue name in the Active Issue Widget, giving you yet another way for your users to find your content.
  • The rotator caption is now a clickable link, just like the rest of the slide.
  • We’ve added media queries to the featured thumbnails so they will stack on small screens, instead of being squished together. We’ve also removed some CSS so the plugin automatically integrates better with your theme’s styling.

Back End and Admin Updates

  • Each release we improve the UI of IssueM, and this time we’ve updated some of the settings layouts and added more inline documentation to make creating publications easier.
  • We’ve changed our support links to point to, our new home for IssueM and resources for online publishing.
  • If you want to use the excerpt for your article thumbnail instead of the teaser text, that’s now possible.
  • We added new icons to the plugin search page to match our new branding.

We made a few more behind the scenes tweaks to the code to make the plugin more efficient and flexible. You can check out the full changelog here.

Comments? Please let us know!

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