IssueM 2.0 Released

The IssueM 2.0 release is now available on or by updating in your WordPress admin panel. Many new improvements, bug fixes, and features were added to help make your issue publishing experience even better.

The settings page was redesigned to give you a more native WordPress experience. We improved the inline documentation and added the ability for other extensions (like the upcoming IssueM Pro!) to add their own tabs with additional settings. The sidebar contains more helpful information, including a call for you to rate IssueM. Your feedback helps us improve the plugin for everyone.

Featured Rotator Options
New Featured Rotator Options

The Featured Rotator saw a big update in this release. We upgraded it to the latest version of Flexslider, fixed the caption so it is part of the article link, and gave you three new options to control its appearance.

  1. Animation Type: Choose between fade or slide
  2. Pagination Navigation: Choose to display pagination below the slider
  3. Direction Navigation: Choose to display previous/next navigation arrows

We also added a number of bug fixes and improvements because of feedback from our users. We changed the way the RSS feed orders posts, switching the default from post date to menu order. Now if you order your posts specifically on your site, that same order will be used in the RSS feed.

Your feedback on our support forums continue to drive the development of IssueM. Please let us know how we can improve the plugin, or become a contributor on Github. If you are using IssueM to power your site let us know and we may add it to our showcase.

For a complete list of updates, take a look at the changelog.

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