Leaky Paywall version 3.0 is here

v3This major update covers a lot of ground as was fueled by your feedback and requests. Thank you!

Here is what’s new:

  1. Multisite compatibility
  2. My Account page
  3. Custom welcome email
  4. Accept 138 currencies
  5. New subscriber redirect

Multisite compatibility

Run Leaky Paywall on two or more subsites with one WordPress multisite installation. Lets readers choose to subscribe to an individual site or to all sites with one payment. Leaky Paywall maintains one subscriber database for all your multisite publications.

Things you can do on a multisite install:

  • Set a global free level to collect subscribers email addresses and let them have limited access to all your publications.
  • Set a global paid level to let subscribers have access to all your paid sites
  • Sell individual subscriptions
  • Manage all your subscribers in one subscriber dashboard

For example if you run publications A, B, and C you can sell individual subscriptions to each, OR a single global subscription to all three. You cannot sell two of the 3 subscription at this point. Readers can, however, subscribe individually to multiple publications and have access all their account info on any site’s My Account page.

The new My Account page will also show all current subscriptions that a subscriber has running in one spot regardless of which publication they are visiting.


All new My Account page

Your subscribers now have a page to go to that lets them:

  • Change their personal info
  • See what they are subscribed to
  • Update their credit card info with Stripe. PayPal simply links them to PayPal.
  • Cancel their subscriptions
  • Log in and out

In the Leaky Paywall dashboard simply choose which page you would like to serve as your My Account page and add the shortcode to that page: [leaky_paywall_profile]

new My Account page


Welcome email message

New subscribers will get a custom message from you. You can use HTML for a fancier email if you like.

Settings_‹_News_at_Den_—_WordPressAccept 138 currencies

Leaky Paywall now handles all currencies that are supported by Stripe.

New subscriber redirect

New subscribers will redirect to the page of your choosing. A good choice is to select the My Account page to go to after a new subscriber signs up.

Settings_‹_News_at_Den_—_WordPress 3


We also stomped some bugs and are adding more features soon.

Please let us know what you think and thanks for your support!


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