Leaky Paywall Version 4 is out

3 major features have been added to Leaky Paywall (along with UI improvements and bug-fixes):

  1. API integration for 3rd party payment gateways. You can now integrate with any payment system that supports APIs. For instructions on how to do this read our new API doc
  2. Stripe Credit/Debit Card Form: This will allow you to collect subscriber info and let the subscriber choose their login credentials during the checkout process
  3. Custom fields: Stripe Credit/Debit Card Form, the Free level, and custom payment gateways will enable you to collect subscriber info, create a username and password and collect any other custom field info you need before checkout. this has been a much requested feature. Read this doc on how to add custom fields. Stripe checkout (the popup box) is still available.


We also snuck in a dashboard widget in WordPress that displays your most recent subscribers.


Please update Leaky Paywall to version 4.0 or download it from the repo and let us know what you think!

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