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News_-_Rockland_-_Camden_-_Knox_-_Courier-Gazette_-_Camden_HeraldWhat if your advertisers could compete for the #1 spot on your publication’s homepage?

The homepage of your news or magazine site holds great value for your advertisers, so why not let all of them claim the spot? As a bonus why not let your advertisers change their message daily or even hourly?

The Camden Herald (of Camden, ME) does just this. They have a blog on the right of their home page that is for advertisers only. Each paying advertiser can log in any minute of the day and post anything they want: news, a special, new items in stock, new products, whatever promotional thought strikes them in the moment.

Whats the catch?

The most recent ads show up at the top. Once an ad is published it owns the #1 spot until the next advertiser publishers the next ad. The former #1 ad gets pushed down to the #2 spot. Each new ad pushes the previous ads down the page. Pretty cool eh?

Talk about a dynamic advertising program.

Your advertisers are motivated to jump in and post new things on your site regularly in order to stay visible near the top. They interact directly with your publication.

As a bonus , advertisers are creating content on your site and that sends more visitors to you from Google search and social links.

Let’s crunch some rough numbers…

If you had 100 advertisers that paid $20/week that amounts to $104,000 annually. What if you had 200, 300, 500 advertisers?

I have been watching the Camden Herald for a few years and their ad blogging program has grown in prominence on their home page.

For a local news site it’s fantastic, but how about a niche magazine publication that caters to many potential advertisers? As an example, think of a scuba diving publication… resorts and gear manufactures would love to be on the home page of a diving publication.

Have you seen any other examples of advertiser blogging?

Check out ZEEN101’s AccessAds plugin to accomplish this easily.

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