Managing multiple digital magazine editions

Knowing the waters

The success of a magazine, digital or otherwise, hinges on knowing and appealing to its readers. Understanding and catering to the needs of your target demographic is vital to your publication.

The Fisherman has gone all out to do just that.

Fishing is, of course, a variable experience. It depends on the weather, it depends on the season, it depends on the skills of the fisherman, and it – above all else – depends on the location.

And that’s why The Fisherman has thrown significant effort into managing multiple regional editions (and extras) for its digital magazine.

Baiting the hook

Touted as the Ultimate Fishing Authority in The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, The Fisherman publishes 3 monthly editions by region: one each for New England, Long Island, and New Jersey & Delaware Bay.

Each of these editions, built custom in IssueM, includes tailored content specific to its designated region.

Each edition is a fully-realized magazine in web form: individual articles organized by issue and edition. Every article is searchable and shareable and looks great on your phone. Even protected behind a paywall, Google can index The Fisherman‘s content and readers can share it across social media, expanding the reach of the magazine to the fullness of the internet.

And everything associated with the magazine — the email signups and newsletters, even the ads for each edition — is tailored to the audience.

Reeling them in

Above and beyond the monthly editions, The Fisherman also puts out weekly, regional ‘inserts’ to supplement the regular editions.

Once a print mailing, those weekly inserts are now available in digital format. This provides eager fishermen with frequent updates on fishing news and tips. It also saves the publisher from the expense and inconvenience of mailing.

The Fisherman has made all of this easy to for readers to navigate with simple and clearly labeled navigation. Weekly inserts are collected under the headings of their relevant monthly editions. All of it can be easily discovered from the homepage.


The finishing touch is the regional daily fishing reports, contributed by port, by actual boat captains leading fishing expeditions in the area. (But more on those next time.)

Going with the flow

The best part is that, now that it’s up and running, the intricacies are fairly simple for the publisher to manage. All of this — digital and print alike — is managed through Leaky Paywall’s integration with the RunMags CRM.

The Fisherman has found the provide its readers with exactly the content they need. Stay tuned to see how else they’re building their success.

Does your readership contain more than one niche? Do your readers need up-to-date information? Let’s talk about how The Fisherman‘s strategies can work for you.

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