How to share a great article you found with your readers

A fishing publication asked me today how should I go about sharing an article with my readership?

It’s a great question and yes you do want to share (or curate) articles from other sources… and it’s simple.

When you run into a great article do these 4 things:

  1. Write up your own catchy title:
  2. Write up a short paragraph summarizing the article. Give enough information that your reader won’t need to click through to the full article.
  3. Make sure you credit the source by linking to it. This will might give you the side benefit of striking up a relationship with the source.
  4. Take a screenshot of the article for visual punch and authenticity. (I use Skitch for screenshots).

That’s it you have a great new piece of content for your blog.

You’re passing on great info and giving credit to the source… and it falls into the “curation” part of your content strategy.

If you are using our Leaky Paywall to meter content you will have the added bonus that your link to your external source will not be clickable (once your number of free articles are used up)… which gives your reader one more reason to subscribe,

Here is a simple curated article:

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