How To Create Special Issues and Track Reader Behavior – A Profitable Publishing Webinar

A New Way To Learn

On May 9, ZEEN101 was pleased to host our first Profitable Publishing webinar.

Our own Pete Ericson and Jeremy Green showed the audience how to create special issues and then walked them through some Google Analytics tricks for tracking user behavior and subscription revenue. We rounded it off with a brief Q&A at the end.

The 30-minute session was presented live to our PubCare customers and is now available to all.

The Highlights

Here are the highlights, if you just can’t wait:

Pete discusses the importance and ease of creating special issues. He shows you how to re-package existing content into themed issues to attract and cater to specific readers. The video includes a walkthrough of creating the issue itself.

Jeremy shows you how to track user behavior with Google Analytics, both before and after they subscribe. He walks you through learning more about how readers behave in your conversion funnels.

He also previews a new plug-in that integrates Leaky Paywall and the Google Analytics ecommerce section and filters. It allows you to automatically track your subscription revenue and activity in Google Analytics.

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