Creating Your Content Hub

The mantra of modern online publishing is create your content and leave it to your readers to decide where they want to consume it. It’s a noble sentiment but the reality of enabling this approach can be daunting, as well as time and resource intensive if not planned properly. So, how feasible is it for […]

How to choose the right platform for digital publishing success

Your choice of platform today can make or break your publication. With 1000’s of publishing solutions available, it can be an overwhelming decision. There is some good news in that today we know what we really need to succeed online. There are 8 things your platform must do to attract readers and keep your content […]

How to choose a great web address for your magazine or news site

Find out how to quickly uncover domain names that are available and would suit your publication. If you are just starting out with an online magazine, you need to make a very important decision: what domain name you should promote to your audience. Watch this video (4:40) to find out how to find and choose […]

What platform should you use for your online magazine? (Hint: WordPress)

Why WordPress? The war for attention online is brutal. Today, you absolutely positively must do these 5 things right: 1. Open your arms to Google search: let your articles get easily found Paper doesn’t do it. Flip-book/digital mags rarely show up. iPad/Android mags don’t do it. PDF’s don’t do it very often. So what format […]