The 10+ plugins you need to polish your subscription management

A Full Toolbox

Your content is the engine that drives your publication. But your platform is the chassis that gives your content structure and stability.

ZEEN101 has chosen WordPress as its foundation and partner for a number of reasons, not least among them the versatile set of tools available for enhancing the experience for publishers and readers alike.

There are so many options that it’s easy for some of those tools to go unnoticed. So, we’ve put together a list of WordPress plug-ins that can help you manage your subscriptions and customer experience.

Email Plug-Ins

1. WP Mail Logging by Mail Poet
WP Mail Logging by MailPoet lets you keep track of what emails your WordPress site is sending out for troubleshooting purposes. That way you can note the frequency and location of any bugs or glitches your site is experiencing.

2. WP MailFrom II
WP MailFrom II gives you the ability to manage the sender information — email address and name — from WordPress-generated emails, thereby personalizing your customer contact.

3. Email Templates
The Email Templates plugin helps you create beautiful emails for WordPress-generated emails, like your welcome and reminder emails.

Access Control Plug-Ins

4. User Switching
User Switching allows you to test your subscription access as if you were a subscriber. This gives you a chance to really see how the experience works from your readers’ perspective, identifying friction points and finding solutions.

5. User Menus — Nav Menu Visibility
User Menus – Nav Menu Visibility gives you visibility controls for your navigation menu: you decide who can see each menu item, whether that’s everyone, only logged-in users, only premium users, and so on. For example, a logged-in subscriber can see their ‘My Account’ page in the menu, while a new visitor would not.

6. LoggedIn —Limit Active Logins
Loggedin – Limit Active Logins is a plug-in that helps you control password sharing by setting a limit for the number of active logins a subscriber can have.

7. HP Hide Admin Bar
The WP Hide Admin Bar plugin hides the admin-bar based on selected user roles. Integrating this with Leaky Paywall creates ‘Subscriber’ roles that can be included in the selection.

8. Remove Dashboard Access
Remove Dashboard Access limits dashboard access either by role — to admins only, admins plus editors, admins plus editors plus authors — or by specific capability. 

Organizational Plug-Ins

9. FileBird — WordPress Media Library Folders
FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders is a great tool for managing your WordPress media files. You can easily sift thousands of files into folders and categories of your choosing.

10. Simple History
Simple History shows recent changes made within WordPress. The plugin works as a log and version history of the most important events that occur in WordPress

11. Recently Registered
The Recently Registered plugin adds a new, sortable, column to the user lists, showing the date and time they registered. This is good for tracking user behavior as the subscription start date will be different from the original registration date.

Integration Plug-Ins

12. Post Expirator
Post Expirator allows the user to set expiration dates for both posts and pages. For example, you can auto-expire Ad Dropper (or any ad) posts.

13. Slack Notifications By dorzki
Slack Notifications is a light and customizable WordPress plugin to integrate your site with Slack.

Need Something Different?

These are all some great tools to help you optimize your customer experience. But the beauty of WordPress is that it is endlessly customizable.

Is there a capability you want that isn’t listed here? We can probably build it. Just let us know.

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