The Publisher’s Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Digital Subscriptions

Everything you need, all in one place

There is a ton of content out there on optimizing your website and growing your audience and building your email list and even on increasing your subscription revenue. But it’s all…out there. Years and years worth of insight and wisdom and experiments.

Which is why we decided to gather it all in one place.

Digital Subscriptions: The Ultimate Guidebook for News & Magazine Publishers is a quick start guide for accelerating your digital subscriptions. It’s available as a PDF to everyone who registers an email address on our site.


Want a little sneak peek?

The Highlights

  • Everything you need to know to start building your email list, including why you should build your email list.
    • Spoiler! Someone who joins your email list is 10x more likely to become a paid subscriber.
  • Tips on automating your email campaigns and tagging your audience for later targeting.
  • A clear explanation of your subscription funnel and how your email campaigns and metered paywall drive it forward.
  • The benefits of a free level: why you need one and how it leads to  paid subscriptions.
  • A walkthrough of your subscriber touchpoints and how to optimize them for reader experience and to grow your subscription revenue.
  • Specific strategies for targeting readers at every stage in your subscription funnel: casual readers, email members, free-level members, paying subscribers.
  • A slew of more advanced strategies for growing subscriptions and revenue, including
    • managing your access levels,
    • building new products (mostly from content you already have),
    • managing your display ads,
    • creating a classified section,
    • selling gift and build subscriptions,
    • and more.

Ready to check it out?

There’s an email sign-up available, front and center, on the ZEEN101 website. (And you should have the opportunity on pretty much every page you visit. Just look for the pop-up.)

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk with you about growing your digital subscriptions.


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