Time to ditch your banner ads?

Listen to what your crowd wants and give it to them

…unless you have a large community and readership.

Forget ads and create products to sell

Your biggest strength as a magazine or news publisher is that you have a community that is focused on your topic area and are passionate about it. If you do a good job building and interacting with your readers then you will know what products or services they need. How?

Because your readers will tell you.

They will yell and scream about the things that need improving in their lives. And you, the publisher, will give them what they want… and charge them for it.

Think about the flip side… today businesses must create community around the products and services they sell. Organizations have the product to sell, they don’t have the community. Interesting eh?

And if you look at the most successful campaigns for businesses… they are the the ones that build their community through publishing great and helpful content (hey that’s what you do!)… like Cristia Lesher Associates that produce 2 minute videos and articles to help teachers with difficult students in the classroom (see the mini-case study). Her consulting business is booked.

How do I start?

  1. build your community 1st
  2. figure out they really need
  3. and create products to fill those needs. Or find partners who have a product or service that exactly fits what your community is begging for.

That’s how copyblogger.com became a multi-million $ company. They started as a blog that grew an audience interested in business blogging and then started selling products and services to give their community what they wanted.

So forget the $3 you will make with banner ads.

Build up your community, help them, and they will tell you want they really need… and want to buy.

P.S. You can go ahead and place adds on your publication… they will drive some income, just make sure they aren’t your entire business model… and please don’t let them get in the way of your beautiful content. Did I say no popup ads? Yes I did.


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