You need to teach your advertisers how to create engaging ad content

The online advertising world is evolving quickly. There are now more and more choices for online publishers to pick from as to how efficiently generate revenue for their site.

Fipp.comScreenshotJosh Macht, a columnist from, uses the Muppets tv show as a great example of the evolution of television and how it parallels the evolution of the internet’s advertising strategies. Josh points out that web ad formats have to be engaging – and if they aren’t they will be blocked (or just plain ignored). Read Josh Macht’s full article titled Why the Muppets may hold the key to the great ad blocking debate. The typical banner ad may or may not be the long term solution to monetizing your site.

Pick your solution for engaging advertising on your site:

  1. Have an advertiser write an article to promote their product or service and make sure you flag it as a paid ad or a sponsor’s message. This type of Native Ad can be engaging to readers.
  2. Ad Blogging: have your advertiser blog their promotions on your website’s homepage. See a great example of this in the article about the AccessAds plugin.
  3. Premium Spots: Don’t fill up your sidebar with ads no one will look at: choose 1 or 2 premium spots and charge more.
  4. Encourage engaging ads that are much more than just an image. Use the Ad Dropper plugin – to create an an ad that is a video, text, image or a mix.


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