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Meet the Paywall Optimizer: a personalized review of your subscription funnel. You can increase paid subscriptions and/or free registrations, with low-hanging fruit tactics and clear visual instructions. 

North American Deer Hunter requested help improving the subscriptions to their digital issue. Leaky Paywall’s Pete Ericson did a visual walkthrough of their subscription funnel, identifying three key obstructions and offering solutions and examples for quickly improving them. 

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The Key Takeaways

The three main issues with North American Deer Hunter’s subscription flow were:

  • Too many subscription options,
  • Too many clicks to get to those options, and
  • Unclear statements of the benefits. 

Pete offers suggestions based on strong examples from other publishers, explaining the benefits of a streamlined, simplified reader experience and offering quick, practical improvements. 

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This option for increasing your paid subscriptions is available to all Leaky Paywall customers. We are happy to offer a visual walkthrough of your subscription funnel, complete with fast fixes and reader experience explanations.

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