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Elevate your readers’ subscription experience. Engage casual visitors, leveling them up from free to paid and beyond.

Leaky Paywall for WordPress

Comparing the six months since to the six months before Leaky Paywall, reader engagement has grown more than 2000%.

Bryan Fong
The Practice @ Harvard

Over 1000 publishers depend on Leaky Paywall

Is your paywall software frustrating your readers?

We know that you need a flexible system for your publication to engage and nurture your reader relationships. A great paywall experience leads to both audience and revenue growth.

  • Get the software you need to build your audience and convert readers to paid subscribers
  • Our WordPress integration lets you control precise content restrictions and create new digital products
  • We help you get everything set up and are there for you
  • We also help you create a plan to grow paid subscriptions, and develop new product offers
  • 100% native WordPress, Leaky Paywall lets you deliver the experience your audience deserves
  • Integrated with the CRM software you already use with no revenue share

How Leaky Paywall works

We have been using Leaky Paywall for five years and it has been excellent for our WordPress site. First of all, revenue went up and continues to go up. Second of all, they continue to innovate and offer us different ways to get our content to our audience while also generating revenue and building relationships with our readers. Third of all, they are responsive to support requests and really value you as a customer. Highly recommended.

Hal Niedzviecki – Publisher

Accelerate you digital revenues

Learn how to grow your casual audience, target and convert paid subscribers, and create new revenue streams.

Today we generate additional web traffic from our premium content with the metered paywall system similar to the big publishers like the New York Times and others. In addition to the tech, these guys know and understand publishing.”

Bob Patterson – Publisher

As Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Setup Leaky Paywall

Sign up for Leaky Paywall Pro and gain access to 40+ extensions. You can start setting up right away.

2. Engage more readers

We will schedule strategy and setup meetings to make sure you have the right approach to building your audience and converting paid subscriptions.

3. Turn on revenue

We help you set everything up properly so you can turn on subscriptions and start growing your audience and revenue.

Get started

Leaky Paywall now provides me with all of the services and support that I need to run a six-figure business at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to hire a team to do the same work. I will almost surely tap into additional offerings from them in the very near future, especially considering my current growth rate/trajectory.

Walt Heisenberg – Publisher

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