All the tools you need to grow your publication

Leaky Paywall is the most flexible subscription solution for WordPress.

Build a better reader journey

Leaky Paywall is built as a 100% WordPress native platform so you can deliver a seamless website experience for your audience.

Dynamic targeting

Promote registrations and subscriptions with the right message at the right time. Target by category, subscription level, and status. .

Create new revenue streams

Easily sell memberships, group access, paid newsletters, ad-free plans, pay-per-article, donations, archives, apps, and more.

Control your data

Leaky Paywall is 100% open source and takes 0% revenue share. We believe you should be in total control of your subscriber and payment data.

Finally, a paywall that actually engages your readers

Leaky Paywall’s flexibility lets you customize your website experience to precisely match your content offering.

  • Build your audience with a high conversion registration wall
  • Target your free and paid subscribers with dynamic messaging to grow more reader revenue
  • A 100% native WordPress integration creates an elegant visitor-to-subscriber experience

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Over 1000 publishers depend on Leaky Paywall

More revenue than you thought possible

Offer multiple tiers of website subscriptions that includes coupons, gift subscriptions, donations, free and paid trials as well as subscription delays.

  • Sell access that precisely matches your content: membership, premium newsletters, pay-per-article, multiple website access, e-editions, ad-free, archives, and more
  • Robust Corporate and Group access
  • Block Incognito mode browsing for a 10% revenue boost
  • Understand what articles are actually converting subscribers

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Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time

By leveraging dynamic messaging, you can enhance subscription rates. Promote new products by targeting readers with the right message.

  • Build your audience with a free registration wall
  • Prompt in-content subscription offers based on rules: category, tag, subscription level, and status
  • Use Leaky Paywall conditional displays to show/hide sitewide messages based on category, tag, subscription level, and status

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Integrated with the software you already use.

Connect Leaky Paywall to CRMs, circulation software, 100’s of payment gateways, and fully integrated iOS and Android apps.

  • Stripe, Stripe Checkout, Apple/Google Pay, PayPal,, and WooCommerce for 100’s of additional payment gateways
  • CRMs: Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Acoustic, Pipedrive, ZOHO, Magnaquest, SecondStreet
  • Circulation software: simplecirc, MagHub, RunMags, Omeda, PSA, Darwin CX, PCS, Magazine Manager, Amplio, Acoustic, Interlink
  • Slack, Zapier and more in development

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“You guys have built a beast of a platform. Now we can get back to our publication’s original mission, and not have to spend resources fighting our technology.”

James Baxter – Publisher

Your subscribers, your revenue, your security.

Leaky Paywall is 100% open source, revenue share free, and we believe your subscribers are always yours.

  • 0% revenue share
  • Stripe Verified Partner
  • 100% WordPress native
  • SCA Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant

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Comparing the six months since to the six months before Leaky Paywall, Twitter followers have gone up more than 20%, Tweets more than 950%, impressions more than 1000%, engagement more than 2000%.

Bryan Fong – Publisher

The Practice @ Harvard

All the features your publication needs


  • 0% revenue share
  • Sell subscriptions and next level membership access
  • Sell individual articles/video in tandem with subscriptions
  • Sell group and corporate access
  • Offer MultiPass multiple website access
  • Sell archive content subscriptions
  • Promote donations with your subscriptions
  • Dynamic offers via targeted messaging
  • Free and paid trials, subscription delay, gift subscriptions, coupons
  • Hide ads from premium subscribers
  • Custom and Quick Registration wall integration
  • Sell in-app purchases via iTunes & Google Play stores
  • See all included advanced extensions


  • Native WordPress integration to leverage hooks, filters, categories and more
  • Circulation software: Simplecirc, MagHub, RunMags, Magazine Manager, Omeda, PSA, PCD, PCS, Darwin CX, Amplio, Interlink, more coming
  • Stripe (Verified Partner), Stripe checkout, PayPal,
  • WooCommerce to unlock 100’s of additional payment gateways
  • Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Pipedrive, ZOHO, Magnaquest
  • Slack, HubSpot, and more in development
  • Zapier integrated to send full registration data
  • Mobiloud apps integrated


  • Works with the most popular WordPress plugin and server caching out of the box
  • Insights to track subscriber behavior
  • Incognito mode blocker
  • Restrict in-article content
  • E-edition restrictions
  • Lock down files
  • Ad Dropper subscription promotions
  • Send custom welcome emails by subscription level
  • Login and registration redirect to visited article
  • Reporting Tool (CSV export)
  • Offer invoices to subscribers
  • Article countdown nag
  • Ad Blocker pop-up
  • Custom Registration fields
  • Custom Landing pages
  • Registration shipping fields
  • Double Opt In registration
  • Recaptcha