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Common Good Magazine

A magazine where readers can find thoughtful commentary on and human stories about the diverse people and ideas shaping faith, work, and economic using the Leaky Paywall consolidated subscription features.


NewsThump is a satirical and spoof news website, taking a daily swipe at current affairs from the UK and around the world.  Started in 2009 by Richard Smith, a comedy writer. It has grown to become one of the largest satire sites in the UK and is now focused on reader revenue via Leaky Paywall.


MINDFUL is a mindfulness and meditation magazine dedicated to bringing authentic wellness and gratitude into the lives of its readers using the Leaky Paywall integrated subscription features.

Law Week Colorado

Law Week Colorado is the state’s only news outlet specifically for lawyers, law firms, corporate counsel and the judiciary.

As a BtoB publisher LWC meters their news stories and hard restricts their issue archives. They offer limited free access, corporate, and group subscriptions.


RELEVANT is a multimedia company and the leading platform reaching young Christians. Leaky Paywall helps Relevant sell print, digital access, an ad-free experience, and exclusive podcasts.

Star News Group

A 100 year old Australian local news group. Features Leaky Paywall MultiPass to offer a single website subscription that allows access to their stand-alone local news sites.


The leading aviation publication in the UK. FLYER transformed from a print magazine to 100% online digital in 2020. With content such as news, events, reviews, flight tests, technical features, and Flying Adventures, they offer Premium and Plus memberships.

The Moss Report

With 1000+ information packed articles, guides, videos, podcasts and more, The Moss Report is an important resource for all cancer patients, caregivers and practitioners.

Using clearly flagged free and premium hard-restricted articles, The Moss Report is laser focused on a clean subscription path for readers, and gift subscriptions to their friends.

Lifestyles Magazine

Established over 50 years ago, Lifestyles Magazine is the most trusted platform for high philanthropy, offering exclusive interviews with sought-after individuals in the philanthropic industry. The magazine sells both digital and print subscriptions.

Business Journal Daily

The Business Journal covers local business news in Youngstown, OH. They tripled their email newsletter list in less than 6 months, launched digital, digital + print subscriptions, and introduced a successful VIP subscription level.

Iron & Air

“While the machines that move us are the binding thread, it’s the places they take us that often create stories worth telling.” Iron & Air magazine is a beautifully designed and Leaky Paywall integrated magazine that is now available with digital and print options.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post is West Virginia’s largest newspaper and has served their audience since 1864. Leaky Paywall provides digital content access and integrates print subscriptions with a circulation CRM.

Track and Field News

We helped this 50+ year old publication leap into paid digital subscriptions using Leaky Paywall. 

Track & Field News produces real time T&F news and assembles monthly IssueM web issues. They sell digital, print and an exclusive premium coaching newsletter.

Elevator World

Elevator World is the premier publication on anything and everything elevator (or “the global vertical transportation industry”, in their own words).

EW integrates Leaky Paywall, MagHub, and IssueM into a paid print and digital publication. Leaky Paywall manages content access and MagHub is their subscriber source-of-truth. IssueM delivers real web-based issues for more visitor traffic from search and social sharing.

Hillary Kramer

Hillary Kramer is one of the best known investors in America. Her group sells multiple financial subscription products using Leaky Paywall and an integrated circulation CRM.

Stone Soup Magazine

Stone Soup is the literary magazine and website 100% written and illustrated by kids through age 13.

SS runs Leaky Paywall to manage content access, WooCommerce to handle transactions, IssueM to deliver web-based issues and UniPress to offer iOS and Android apps to it’s subscribers.

Warfare History Network

Four print publications come together as a single digital history portal. Seamlessly integrated with a print circulation management CRM.

Gulfshore Life

Gulfshore Life, a regional luxury publication, sells digital access and print subscriptions. Subscriptions are connect seamlessly to a print circulation CRM.

Catch Magazine

The Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film has a ten-year history of visually stunning digital editions. The magazine’s contributors are avid fly fishers but they are, first and foremost, gifted photographers.

Land Line Media

Land Line Media is the largest member magazine for independent truckers in the United States. Leaky Paywall integrates with their backend CRM to be their lead generator for OOIDA memberships.

Tea Journey

Tea Journey publishes tea enthusiast content from origin with free, paid, and donation based revenue streams. iOS and Android apps helped capture almost 50% of their paid subscriptions.

Tea Journey magazine raised almost $100k during their Kickstarter campaign and targets the top 7% of the tea drinking public. 

The Fisherman

The northeast’s largest fishing magazine, The Fisherman, sells digital and print subscriptions that Leaky Paywall integrates with their circulation software. Packed with content, it offers a real time fishing reports database and their three regional print magazines represented as web based issues.

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