How your paywall can help you build reader relationships

Don’t let your paywall drive potential subscribers away

If you are a publisher thinking your paywall is an annoyance on your website then we suggest it simply is not implemented correctly. Join Pete and Tyler in a discussion on how your subscription system should actually be improving the relationship between you and your readers… with the end goal of building your subscription revenue.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to set up your relationship building funnel with one simple paywall approach
  2. How to target your readers on on your website for a better experience

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The Highlights

  1. Paywalls can actually help build relationships with your readers by providing a seamless experience that steers them towards becoming paid subscribers
  2. Turn off your browser notifications, email, and ad popups. If you charge for a paid subscription, you have a premium content product and do not want to cheapen it through these annoyances
  3. Your first goal as a publisher is to get the email address of new readers – this is the number one priority and way to start building a relationship. Once you have a reader that is registered your relationship levels up and you can target those fans more appropriately. Check out Wordflow #1: How to set up your free registration
  4. Offer something of value for free (e.g. access to three digital articles per month) plus your newsletter in exchange for registering with an email address
  5. Sending them a proper welcome email explaining your missions and series of emails showcasing your content after they subscribe
  6. Once a reader becomes a free subscriber, use subtle but consistent messaging that implies there is premium content worth paying for without being too pushy
  7. You can use the conditional display notice (header or footer bars) to subtly imply that you have premium content without being too pushy
  8. It is important to have a subscribe button and Login link on your menu so that readers know that you are a paid publication. Once logged in Login should switch to My Account. Easy to do with the User Menu plugin

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