Subscriber Behavior: What insights do you need?

It’s time to identify the articles that convert your new free and paid subscribers. By digging into this single metric, you can quickly learn more about what readers actually value and will pay for.

Do Flipbook E-Editions Really Work?

Flipbooks (or e-editions) were an early development in field of digital publications. It was a logical step: they were a perfect replica of the print magazine, right down to the flipping pages (and sound effect).

As the digital world has advanced, flipbooks have fallen out of favor for many good reasons. But that doesn’t mean that they are completely obsolete.

Subscription predictions for 2023

Tyler Channel and I talk about trends that we have seen put into action as well as what publishers said they were planning on in 2023. This episode turned into a ‘recommended major themes’ discussion… actions that you should consider adopting this year.

How to succeed with digital subscriptions as a small local news publisher

Tyler Channel has a long history of helping small, local news publishers survive and thrive in the new digital world. The head of the Paywall Project and also head of Success here at Leaky Paywall, Tyler sat down with Pete to offer his wisdom on how local news publishers can succeed in the digital era, including two major success stories and a load of good tips.

Why you need a flexible subscription platform

Leaky Paywall is built specifically for the needs of news and magazine publishers that use WordPress. In fact, you can generate more revenue streams than you thought possible by taking advantage of its core flexibility. Flexibility = More revenue streams We thought it would be a good idea to showcase how different publishers are using […]

Local News Publishers: Subscriptions v. Memberships v. Donations – Paywall Podcast

The Question of Revenue Should your publication be seeking subscriptions, encouraging donations, or offering memberships? The three main revenue models are a hot topic in the publishing world at the moment. The simple answer? All three. Episode 8 of the Paywall Podcast is a roundtable discussion between ZEEN101’s Pete Ericson, Jeremy Green, and Tyler Channell […]

How to grow your paid subscription and advertising revenue – a MagHub interview

In this video Nick Pataro from MagHub and I go over the strategy to building a strong email list that, in turn, attracts paying subscribers and advertisers. Follow along step-by-step to understand how to develop a free registration capture for your publication to rapidly build your email list, then convert paying subscribers, and also become […]

An Interview With Street Photography Magazine – Paywall Podcast

A profile of a successful publication Every profitable publication is born out of a wealth of experience that can be shared. In this episode of the Paywall Podcast, Interview with Street Photography Magazine, Pete sits down with Bob, the founder of Street Photography Magazine, to discuss the journey and strategies that built its success. Listen […]

October 2020 Monthly Update: Checking Your Foundation

Find Your Cornerstone This month, we’re focusing on perfecting the fundamentals. The first step to a profitable publication is getting the basics right. We kick it off with a few words on Leaky Paywall’s full compliance with SCA regulations. Then we unveil our new Paywall Podcast and a couple new integrations to simplify your workflow, […]

Introducing the Paywall Podcast

Looking to generate more subscribers with your paywall? We discuss paywall strategies and tactics for news and magazine publishers. With over 900 publishers running our subscription platform we have learned quite a bit about what works (and doesn’t) in digital publishing. Join Pete, Jeremy, and Tyler for a deep dive that will help you grow […]

How to design a magazine website using a blueprint

Grab a pencil and a couple of sheets of paper… this (true) story starts with a person I call the frenzied publisher. A big content mess Some time ago I walked into the office of this publisher who was scanning a conference room table (with about 30 pieces of paper on it) in order to […]

Building a subscriber funnel with Leaky Paywall

How would you like to add 1000 new email addresses to your list in a week? Or 7000 new in just a few months? This is exactly what happened when The Business Journal launched their free registration wall, and new subscribers continue to sign up. After limiting access to free subscribers they turned on Leaky […]

Increasing digital subscriptions with an All-Access pass

Stepping Up The Tempo Of Subscription Success Modern Drummer Magazine is at the top of their game for growing subscriptions. As a veteran print publisher who successfully made the leap to a digital issue, they’ve also mastered the art of setting their pricing to increase both print and digital subscriptions. Now they’ve found a new […]

How to double your email list by getting rid of your email popup

An Essential Process Time and experience (and even a formal study or two) have proven that growing your email list is an indispensable part of growing your subscriptions. Readers who join your email list are 10x more likely to become subscribers. It follows that building that email list should take a more proactive approach than […]

How to make flipbooks part of your digital subscription strategy

A Long History True West Magazine is a veteran publication, publishing a highly visual magazine on the history of the American West since 1953. They started adding their content on the web fairly early, before the evolution of the digital issue. At the time, it was a fairly natural decision for President and Executive Editor […]

What should you set your Leaky Paywall meter to? – a Profitable Publishing Webinar

New Research and New Regulations On September 12th, ZEEN101’s Pete Ericson and Jeremy Green hosted our third Profitable Publishing Webinar. This edition of the webinar kicks off with Pete’s tutorial on how to set your paywall correctly to grow your subscriptions. Then, Jeremy gives a guided tour of new settings in Leaky Paywall and compliance […]

How To Turn Your Digital Issue Into Your Sales Funnel

A New Sales Engine The transition into digital publication has been rough on newspapers. (This year’s New York Press Association Spring Conference has made that clear.) Your digital front end isn’t just a supplement to your print edition – it’s the engine that drives all your sales, digital and print alike. It’s time to put […]

10 Amazing Subscription Prompts To Inspire Paid Conversions

An overlooked Weapon You have subscription cards. It’s a necessary part of the process – bring them in with your awesome content and then you have a page that tells them how to get more and how much it costs. But, used correctly, this simple necessity can actually become part of your sales pitch. We’ve […]