Local News Publishers: Subscriptions v. Memberships v. Donations – Paywall Podcast

The Question of Revenue

Should your publication be seeking subscriptions, encouraging donations, or offering memberships? The three main revenue models are a hot topic in the publishing world at the moment.

The simple answer? All three.

Episode 8 of the Paywall Podcast is a roundtable discussion between ZEEN101’s Pete Ericson, Jeremy Green, and Tyler Channell on how local publishers (and, really, all publishers) should gather their revenue.

The Highlights

The key takeaways include:

  • Quick definitions and examples of transactional subscription sales, mission-based charitable donations, and premium-plus membership access.
  • Don’t limit yourself to one type of revenue: set up all three. Giving people more ways to contribute to your coffers is never going to hurt you.
  • As a local publication, you have a mission beyond providing local information to interested parties; you are supporting and creating a community.
  • Don’t be afraid to aggressively share not only your mission, but your revenue sources with your audience. The public may not realize that their contributions are what keep you going.
  • The many, many reasons to start your sales funnel with an easy-to-set-up free registration level.
  • A quick look at the easy ways you can customize your reader outreach by subscription level.
  • An introduction to Subtext, which allows readers to interact with your journalists (and creates a rich source of extra content along the way).
  • Take a look at the tactics used by national players. They can likely be scaled down to serve your publication as well.
  • Your end-goal is always to build an enduring, long-term relationship with your readers.
  • Bonus sneak peeks: customizing content and the pay-per-post add-on.

It’s a quick episode — just under 30 minutes — but packed full of actionable tips and great ideas for every kind of publisher.

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