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New ideas for a profitable publication

Every publication is different, but even small or unusual publications can be profitable. In the third episode of the Paywall Podcast, 6 Examples of Successful Publication & Product Launches, Pete, Jeremy, share diverse examples of publishers who found creative ways to generate revenue.


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Our featured publishers include:

  • A local, political news source that added an all-access archive level for past, detailed reporting;
  • A live concert producer that sells individual access to streaming live events;
  • A regional, daily  e-newsletter that curates local news, events, social media, photography, and commentary for donations and sponsorships;
  • An 100-year-old, hyperlocal print publication who leveraged strong community ties to a successful digital publication;
  • A hobby opinion site that became a serious revenue source because it found the right readers;
  • A sports blog-turned-sponsored-publication that harnesses reader engagement to gather email addresses.

Whether you want to launch a new product or have an idea of how to share your expertise or opinion, your publication can launch successfully.

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The second episode of the Paywall Podcast, How to set up your paywall to convert more paying subscribers, provides detailed explanations of the four most successful paywall approaches — free registration, free/paid trial, metered-hybrid paywall, and ‘super premium’ level — and how they can work together.

Every episode provides bonus guidance on common publisher questions and issues, like:

  • evolving your digital advertising,
  • building your email list,
  • dealing with paywall dodgers,
  • creating premium content, and
  • why you need a mobile app.

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