10 subscription promotions that actually work for publishers

Running aggressive promotions can hurt your brand

We have been tracking the promotions our publishers are successfully implementing that convert readers into long term paying subscribers. Join us to find out what actually works.

This podcast (video version below) offers insights into effective promotional strategies for publishers that are looking to convert more paying subscribers. Here are the key points we cover:

  1. Avoid Low-Value Promotions: Promoting subscriptions for a low price like one dollar undermines the perceived value of the content. It’s better to avoid such steep discounts.
  2. Simplify Subscription Options: Presenting too many options or complicated pricing can confuse and deter potential subscribers. A simple and clear offer is more effective.
  3. Free Registration Strategy: Implementing a free registration system on the website can help in building a database of potential subscribers and nurturing them towards paid subscriptions.
  4. Promotional Pricing: Instead of devaluing content with low prices, use promotional pricing smartly. For example, offering three months for the price of one at a reasonable rate rather than a nominal one.
  5. Effective Coupon Strategies: Using coupon codes can be an effective promotional tool, especially if the process is streamlined and the discounts are meaningful without being overly generous.
  6. Promoting Gift Subscriptions: Encouraging gift subscriptions can boost sales, especially if the process is made easy and the offer is appealing.
  7. Utilize Post-Purchase Promotion: Use the thank you or confirmation page after a purchase to promote other relevant offers like gift subscriptions or family plans.
  8. Monthly vs. Annual Pricing: Promote annual subscriptions by highlighting their monthly cost equivalence, making the price seem more affordable while securing longer-term commitments.
  9. In-Content Promotions: Placing subscription promotions within content, visible to non-subscribers, can be an effective way to convert readers into paying customers.
  10. Ad-Free Subscription Options: Offering an ad-free version of the content at a higher price can attract subscribers who prefer an uninterrupted experience.
  11. Landing Page Optimization: Use the homepage or a dedicated landing page to promote subscriptions effectively. Ensure visibility of the subscription offer, especially on mobile devices.
  12. Keep It Simple and Valuable: The overarching theme is to keep offers simple and ensure that they communicate the value of the content rather than devaluing it through excessive discounts or complicated pricing structures.

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