Publisher Mastermind webinar: How to put subscriber Insights to work for your publication

In this webinar we cover two main points:

  1. What can you track now with our Insights and how to put the information to work
  2. A sneak peak on the new subscriber insights we are currently working on. Note: Customers have access to our Q&A for the opportunity to give us input on the type of data you would like to have in the future

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Here’s the writeup:

  1. Introduction: The theme was actionable insights for publishers to reduce churn, build subscriptions, and grow audiences.
  2. Leaky Paywall Insights: Pete discussed the transition from Google’s Data Studio to Leaky Paywall’s own insights dashboard, emphasizing the importance of manageable and relevant data for publishers.
  3. Insights Dashboard Walkthrough:
    • Free Registration vs. Paid Subscribers: Highlighted the correlation between free registered readers and paid subscribers.
    • Subscriber Ratio Analysis: Examined the ratio of free registered readers to paid subscribers, suggesting a target of 10% conversion.
    • Subscription Levels and Content Tabs: Provided insights into subscriber distribution across levels and content effectiveness in converting readers.
    • Attribution Survey: Focused on understanding subscriber sources, including the ‘Other’ category for unique traffic sources.
  4. Future Developments:
    • New Dashboard and Event Tracking: Discussed the development of a new dashboard to track subscriber events and segment data for targeted marketing.
    • Integration with Segment App: Highlighted the potential of integrating event tracking for detailed subscriber analysis and creating targeted campaigns.
  5. Publisher Feedback and Discussion:
    • Data-centric Ideas: Covered topics like most popular articles for paid subscribers, elements generating clicks, targeting low-intent readers, and measuring conversion rates.
    • Email Action Ideas: Discussed emailing strategies for different subscriber segments, churn analysis, and re-engaging less active subscribers.
    • Publisher Feedback: Participants, including Dan, shared insights on innovative approaches like day passes and SEO tactics for older articles.
  6. Conclusion: Ended with an open discussion on prioritizing features and a reminder of the importance of actionable data for publishers.

This session provided a comprehensive overview of current capabilities and future plans for Leaky Paywall, emphasizing the need for data-driven strategies in subscription management and audience engagement.

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