3 ways AI will shake up your reader revenue

3 ways AI will shake up your reader revenue

In this videocast, Pete and Tyler discuss AI and how it relates to reader revenue for news and magazine publishers.


In this interview, Pete and Tyler discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on digital publishing and reader revenue. They primarily address three significant areas where AI can make a significant impact: content creation, audience relationship, and niche focus.

They also talk about the current state of digital publishing, mentioning Time Magazine’s recent decision to stop paid subscriptions and focus on ad revenue instead, which they criticize as an outdated model in the current digital landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • AI in Content Creation: AI can be used to automate the creation of broad, generic content, but it’s not as effective when it comes to creating engaging, personal content. AI is a powerful tool when used for research or creating a content skeleton, but human intervention is still needed to ensure content quality.
  • Niche Content is Key: In the age of AI, going broad with your content could be a disadvantage. AI can easily create generic content, so it’s better to focus on producing niche content that is highly specific and relevant. For example, local news is considered a ‘niche’ area that can be very successful.
  • The Importance of Audience Relationship: The relationship between the publisher and the reader becomes even more important in the era of AI. Using AI should not mean losing the personal touch with the audience. Transparency about using AI, personalized newsletters, and engagement tools like allowing subscribers to comment can help maintain and strengthen this relationship.
  • Adopting AI while retaining Authenticity: If publishers do choose to adopt AI, they must disclose it to the audience and ensure the authenticity of the content. Fact-checking remains vital, and publishers must provide human oversight to the AI-generated content.
  • Use of AI in Research: AI can be effectively used for research on broader topics that aren’t necessarily the publisher’s primary focus. By assisting in the research process, AI can contribute to creating a more comprehensive background for a story.
  • Benefits of Paywalls: Paywalls can serve as an effective screen for ensuring meaningful interactions in the comments sections of articles. Only paid subscribers can comment, which usually leads to more considerate and respectful discussions.

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